A bit............. uncertain

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I have a crazy way of spending money and recently i felt in love with 1996 Fiat Coupe Turbo (16VT). Its a nice red coupe with nice turbo and sun roof. Totally fit my description of a "sex machine". I'm so into it that I planned to buy it if I can sell my current car. I should have enough money if I can sell my current car (Kancil) on the market price and the problem here... who buy used car on market price!!! and my problem is that I do not loan. I DO NOT TAKE LOAN!!!. I've been paying cash for my previous cars and i'm gonna pay cash for this car and i'm just short of less than RM 2000!!!. I took a lot of consideration before spending my money like how much money do I have left, how much saving do I have left and the cost of maintaining my new machine instead of my current machine and all those calculations spiked my brain by telling me nope, you are not up to the standard of owning this car. Phew.......... sanity still tick my head.

I'm a bit sad anyway as this good deal dont come often but still.... oh well.. my current car (Kancil) still moves anyway. I've been dreaming of double clutching and heel-toeing while driving my new Italian baby back and forth to my office. Well... by the look of it.. it wont be coming up soon. If I wait a little bit longer, I might be able to afford 20VT engine instead (yummy... max speed is 300KM/H with 6 speed transmission while 16VT is 270KM/H with 5 speed manual transmission). So... i better say goodbye to this baby that almost be mine... but failed at the end.

Attached with this post is that Italian baby picture. She's beautiful and this is the add at motor trader.

FIAT COUPE 2.0 16V TURBO (M) 1996 RM29K red, sunroof, 17" s/rims, new tyres, bodykit, GT-spoiler, cd, low-mileage, service-record, tip-top condition, acc-free, see to believe, call direct owner., call 019-276 1010 (Loc. KL)

bye bye sweet sexy baby...... sigh....

I'm done

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I think I'm somehow almost done for KL. Already sick and tired of it. Probably the job that i'm currently in at the moment doesnt really suit my style. Being a consultant involves more talking than actually coding and somehow that's killing me. I missed those times when I spent days and nights in front of my laptop doing coding instead of doing powerpoint presentation. Spending days in the office and only wear sandals, T-shirt and 3/4 pants to work compared to current one where we need long sleeve shirt with neck tie and a polish black shoes. Speaking to people who actually understand me and I understand what are they talking about. Even mummy Mary was telling me that my current job won't fit me well as i'm more of a hardcore techie rather than these consultancy thingy. I only live with codes while current job more like a salesman to me. *sigh*
I've told my mom that im moving out of the country (again????). Most likely Australia and she only allow me to head there after early next year. Current house that needs to be taken care of hold my foot down in KL. Spoke with xxxx(my new girl. Long story.. don't even ask me about it) and she was like jumping around screaming "I wanna come along, I wanna come along". I wish moving out of the country is like taking a 2 or 3 days vacation.
Was speaking with Aude / Jessica this afternoon. She's doing well at the moment and currently studying Tourism in Spain. She's looking forward to move back to Brissie soon and she was telling me she's looking forward somewhere middle of next year. I dont know that people who are 95% of the day is stoned either with Marijuana or Hasish can still study. Oh well, people are different.
Oh yeah, mama already moved all of her stuffs to my place and its full with furniture. Dang!!! i was sleeping between the boxes. Will be painting the house this weekend with Pak Tam (i know its a stupid idea, painting the house after all the furniture already in) and for sure its gonna cost me another few hundred bucks. Fuck, I'm tired.

I dunno guys..... somehow a bit blur today. Wish me all the best
Juan Dc Cruz

Poisonous Food

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I am a very peculiar guy about food. I don't eat yesterday leftover's, fish that are not cleaned properly and cooked (although Sushi and Sashimi are my favorites). My food appetite is very funny and can easily be disturbed. Just by looking at the food that are served on a table, if the look doesn't look right, if the smell doesn't smell right then there's a 100% guarantee that i will walk straight to cashier and pay the bill straight and never walk into that restaurant again. This always happen to me in Mamak restaurants and i really really hate their foods. It's very oily and overpriced. I don't know how other Malaysians stand that.

My usual diet is always, less carbohydrate, less sugar, less salt and less oil. So my choice always goes to Sushi and Sashimi. If in doubt, Japanese food never fails to amaze. So, my hot drinks is always without sugar in it and i am doing well skipping all sort of soft drinks whenever possible.

Poisonous food,
Carbon as found in carbohydrate in foods are poisonous. Thats my own opinion. It's not based on any scientific journal. Unlike water which does not have carbon in it, carbon is the only source of energy in our body and almost all type of energy around us (fuel, charcoal, etc). So, we need carbon to survive and we cant live solely on water. After 29 years of eating foods (or 28, still its a pretty impressive resume), i somehow believed that carbons poison our minds at the same time providing energy to our body. Excessive intake of sugar or cholesterol will increase our chances of meeting Mr Doctor.

Doctor is not my real concern. If im gonna die, I'm just gonna die. No even one second earlier or later but, what most important is that while im alive, i'm going to push myself to the fullest and I found that excessive amount of carbon inside my body will always results in slowness, laziness, sleepiness and always lead to idiocy or unintelligent comment/remark. Thats one of the reason sometimes where I skip my lunch just to push myself to the max in the afternoon. Somehow for some reason, I perform better when i'm hungry (or drunk hahahahhaha) rather than when i'm full. My brain just started to work in slow motion when i'm full. So, carbon might be a one kind of drug *thinking*.

So... when is it to tell ourself enough is enough? Oh well, for sure we can find lots and lots of links out there to tell us which diet fits us best but by the end of the day I believe only ourself can tell us when enough is enough. So far my diet is......... what I call it..... nah.. i can't think any name for it. It's basically I only eat when I feel like. There's no rule saying that you have to eat 3 or 4 times a day so i always skip either breakfast, lunch or dinner... or sometimes the whole breakfast, lunch and dinner for 48 hours straight and only live with water. Still alive though and still weighting at 70KG.

With my current diet, i feel a lot alive and healthier. Probably you all can give a try to eat less and see what kind of performance does it give to your mind. Hey, by not eating a day won't kill you and more, there's a lot of artificial flavor and coloring outside there inside the food. Try to make sure that what you are eating is really a food not just some toxic waste decorated with cherries. Try to whack more on fresh fruits, steamed vegies (not the one decorated with steak or cheese) and fish. I believe a plate of rice / noodle is enough to provide me the energy for the whole day so, for the rest of the meals, i can eat anything else thats low in carbon. Cigarette is a good way to get your mind out of thinking about foods although if you are not a smoker then i do not encouraged you to try.

Well... what do u think?