Another Interesting News

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Well... another interesting news from Malaysian Politics.... where by the end, it's all related to one another.

I decided to keep mum for a while regarding Anwar Ibrahim and Saiful Bukhari which Saiful accused Anwar sodomized him. Please note that the word SODOMIZED being used here instead of sexual intercourse those it means Saiful was RAPED by Anwar. So, I decided to go and search for this kid called Saiful Bahari and see what does he look like, professionally what kind of people he is and physically how weak he is till a very old man can force him and rape him. Well, the searching ends up very fruitful. Here are the result from what I got from the blogs around the net

Musang Berbulu Ayam (1)
Musang Berbulu Ayam (2)
Musang Berbulu Ayam (3)
Musang Berbulu Ayam (4)

From the links above, the posts was dated from early this year and currently the blog is secured and only authorized user can access and somehow I managed to find the links to google's cache somewhere on the net :D Read it before it goes out vanish into thin air. Somehow PKR already know that this Saiful guy is someone who can't be trusted but they still let him join but keeping close eyes of him. From the post above, we can see that Saiful is a UNITEN dropout and wishing to become a pilot (huh? i dun think its safe to let a school dropout to pilot an airplane, just not safe). He as well a power maniac (gila kuasa) who will do something for return or media exposure. Typical... typical :D

Here another one from Rocky Bru which is worth reading and from his own coursemate that can be read here and you can see his picture and his fiancee here.

I'm not going to judge who's right and who's wrong here but i just want to make my statement clear but for sure, there's one party who is telling right and another party who's telling lies. To the party who is telling lies, FUCK YOU!! and to the party who end up victimized either Saiful or Anwar, may Allah be with you all the time and may justice prevails!!!

And back to the title.... Another Interesting News which can be read here from RPK. The reason that I put this link is not that I know what is right or what is wrong on this matter, I didn't even support RPK's Statutory regarding Altantunya because I can't somehow believe that it's true. So, the same thing here as stated by RPK that he has evidence / saksi for Saiful's case. I leave it to you for your own judgement.

By the end, neither me nor you want our country to be lead by sodomizer or a mafiaso familiy that consists of theives and killers. Since nothing has yet comes out from this issue/drama then I think we leave the judgement to ourself.

Oh yeah.. 1 more thing before i forget, if you ever been sodomized by somebody or... you are a dropout from school and you need scholarship from government, please pay a visit to Najib. This were the reason why Saiful met Najib prior making a report to police station regarding sodomy. Our DPM is always open for rakyat to go and mengadu. "MY ASS"!!!


p/s: excuse me with my sentences above. Somehow im a bit lazy to write and correct it :D Read as it is hahahahhaha

Then I started thinking.... again....

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Was with my mom last Sunday buying raya clothes for my sister's family who is currently residing in UK. We were considering to shop in PKNS Bangi, PKNS Shah Alam and by the end decided to head to Jalan Masjid India instead. Jalan Masjid India is not really a familiar place for me as there's no business for me to be there except last Sunday. I started Emily off, and head there just after 2PM.

While my mom was busy choosing clothes for my sister's family, I decided to stand next to Emily which was parked just by the road side. Please note that there's no way that you can find an appropriate parking nearby there. It was full with people and tons of car thus resulted parking just by the road side.

While waiting and smoking beside my car, i stumbled upon a scene which I havent seen for ages. A blind couple singing to earn a living.

It touched me when I saw them there. They looked like properly organized with keyboard, speakers, generator and a wooden box for donation. Somebody must had dropped them there to sing. Might be their kids, friends... or anybody who cares.

It left me thinking and being thankful. When was the last time that I was comparing the state of I am to people who are worse than me? So, while puffing my cigarette my mind started to roam all around the street through all of the unfamiliar faces. What business that bring them there, how their financial situations are, have they had their meal yet?

It's hard to know that even though people earn less than me, they still can make a living. They complained, but the people who have to listen to their complains are too high up in places those their voices are unheard of. I'm thankful that i was born in a family which are good enough to bring me to the level where I am at the moment. With the help of my surroundings, my family, myself and God, I am where I am at the moment.

How about those people who have to do those kind of odd jobs, depending on people's sympathy to make ends meet and what happen if it rains? How can they sing and earn a meal from it? On a windy afternoon, I can see several passing crowds pushing notes to the donation box and i'm hoping that today's collection is good enough to cover rainy days and weekdays where less people there on that street to hand them those notes.

I'm thankful at the state I am and wish that everybody around me feel the same so. We are still breathing and not missing any of our meal and some of us even have extra notes for little luxury like cigarettes, branded clothes and expensive meal once in a blue moon......just be thankful of that and by the end, we all going to return back to The One. So, I decided to care more of my surroundings and try to offer help whenever its possible to the needies.

While my mind was deep thinking, my mom pat my shoulder and said "Dah... jom balik, dah habis beli". Then I jumped inside Emily heading back home leaving the place where I once put my foot on and left me thinking deep. I won't be buying any new clothes for raya, I wun be driving anywhere far during raya holiday as I already have my mom beside me and she's more than enough for me and I will be spending less during Ramadhan as I eat really less during that month. I already have everything that I need around me which what I need right now is just something that I can use to continue my current life which is money. Still looking around for part time job for weekends and after hours :D :D :D.