Things had been disturbing

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Yeah... things had been disturbing recently. Life is bloody annoying sometimes. I've been overshooting my budget over the roof for 2 months straight. Damn!!!!. 2 months straight. We are not talking about hundreds... we are talking about thousands of ringgit over the budget. These are the people who are currently in my head

My Dad
He's trying to get into my sister's and my life. He's the one who had gone missing for ages and suddenly just try to jump into our life talking about our responsibility into him and his family. He's the one with the kampung mentality that I need to get married soon and he's more than happy to find one(wife) for me. Wish if I can tell him to stuff that into his ass in front of his face. He's the one who have problem telling his children (my step younger brothers and sisters) to read their books to get ready for their exams, but he decided to come and give me a speech about responsibility. He brings problems trailing behind him and he must be mistaken me with somebody from a welfare organization.

My X
Yeah... not that I hate her because she got married. But, as my principle of life, Don't look for trouble, if you have more than you can handle. Now, she's married and almost everyday she calls and telling me how her marriage is going down, how she missed me, how she shouldnt do that in the first place and she should be with me instead. Oh yeah.. i'm sorry.. that guy is a anak datuk. Now stuffs that anak datuk in your life and you get hell right?. Serve you right. I'm feeling sorry about your stupidity. Probably you should do better in school. Too bad its too late. You just need to remember one thing... i'm not anybody from welfare organization and i dont often pick up leftovers. Now live with it.

My family and friends
How grateful I am to have such a wonderful mother, she's a very strong single mother who raised me and my sister to the current level where we are and previously married to an asshole. The further thank you to my mummy Mary who understand almost everything in my life and so open to the level I can discuss with her which girl i like best and because of what *wink* *wink*. She's the closest of someone from outside of my family circle to be called mummy. Ajoy for being the one who stands up for me where ever I am and how stupid i would be and Gemuk for being the coolest guy around (if you gonna reply to this post with "apa yang ngko merepek nih Hatim?" then better dun reply, I got it already).

Spoke to Sue(Sue Ann not Sue Hong) today and she was saying something that i'm currently "soul searching". Im not really sure what did she really means by soul searching. What kind of soul? My own lost soul? a soulmate? Whatever she means, she might be the one who understand it as I just dont want to think more of it and more, I dont really know who's the person behind the name Sue Ann Lee as well. Never met her before. We just converse through Skype and that might be the best way for both of us as well I guess. Merdeka holiday is coming soon, was thinking of heading to Cameroon Highlands and drink some nice fresh cup of tea up there. Might do that, might as well not. We'll see.

Start updating my resume again and this time i'm gonna start sending it to Australia again. Might be back in Brisbane soon. Malaysia is kinda funny.

Enjoy "Hey there Delilah" from Plain white Ts


Thank you brothers

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This is for all of my friends especially Ajoy, Mel and Gemuk for taking care of me. I was being a jackass of myself last friday night / saturday morning and end up sleeping in my car parked somewhere in SS2. Was super drunk to the level that I couldnt even move my limbs. Ajoy and Mel decided to come and SEARCH (you heard me right) for me at SS2 by 3 in the morning. After circling around (and getting lost several times), they managed to find me sleeping inside my car with window half open and lots of mosquitos inside my car. They drove me back to their place and put me to bed. Thank you very much brother. You are the one.
Thanks to Gemuk who keep worrying about my health more than me myself. Keep NAGGING (you heard me right as well) me to go and do medical check up and yeah... until I went and do medical check up. You are right, my doctor is not really that happy to hear about the damage that I had done to myself last friday night and all these health problems are from or related to that night.

Thanks guys for all the concern. Love you all

This song for you guys : Nelly Furtado - All Good Things
p/s: Msg me if u need the MP3 or the whole album (Loose)

Deep Shit...

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Look like i'm gonna be in a deep shit soon unless I can find Rm 150K within these 2 weeks. Stuck in a deal that at the end of the day, it gonna kill me instead. 1st I need money and secondly I think im gonna die soon. Not because of pain or anything but im having difficulty to breath at the moment. I feel like there's a lump in my throat and i'm having difficulty breathing through it. I think i'm gonna die while sleeping as the lump will grow bigger and will block my air flow. Soon......


Gemuk (Halim)

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Today Halim (My personal Chef) posted a link to his online photo album located at Have a check if you have time. Dang... by looking at those pictures.. for sure I miss Brisbane..... what a life we had back there Gemuk.... I miss everything down there.

Kiri and Maggie

Alex, Kiri and Maggie

Gemuk tgh ajar baca doa makan

Aude (Jessica)..........................

Aude and Melissa.... at the beach

Me and Aude at Korean BBQ

Argh....... gemuk!!!

Melissa.. coocking at home in style.... French :p :p

What are you staring at?
Dang.... I do miss Brisbane.... waaaa ndak balik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Project

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Last month I requested to Chin Kee for a different project. Current project is getting slow and not much task left for me at the moment. More, i'm not really interested in Microsoft Sharepoint (I dont know why, somehow I feel that its just another scheme from Microsoft to squeeze money from Microsoft users for a stupid product). Chin Kee spoke to Amran (my project manager) and he decided to put me into Shell project that is currently based in Cyber Jaya. I heard that Shell project is quite intense at the moment as the earliest they leave the office is 8PM and usually they stay up until 11 or 12. Sounds a bit crazy yeah? So, I said ok.. send me to Shell and Chin Kee said my contract with my current project will finish by the end this month (August 2007) and afterwards i'll be heading to Shell. Schweeeeeeeeet.
Yesterday, Chin Kee informed me that my current client for my current project decided to extend my contract till March next year. Uhm... I sat down and think and ask him back; "what kind of task does this project still have for me?" and he answered back; "We'll look something for you. They just dont want to let you go". Well, I don't want to complain.. so i decided to stay here and see. More over,I won't be based in Bangi anymore after this as they'll move us to Dayabumi starting next month. There goes my RM 1K mileage claim every month. Sigh :p :p
Spoke to Matt last night. He's still in China and busy with his promotions. He's planning to make babbello runs in Chinese version. He's meeting with some China's investors today and will try to persuade them into investing Babbello. He had been telling me since the last few months that he wants me to be in Shanghai soon and wants me to run the company instead of him. That fucker wanna retire early (buy an island and setup a bar with only topless waitress, I still remember that buddy). I'm a bit reluctant to join him anyway. I already got a house full with furnitures, a car, and a life down here in KL. Might as well stay here but money is always good on the other side (I can earn as much as 5 times more up there than what i'm earning down here). Still thinking though.

Something unrelated:
If you ask me, Is it happeniness by owning an Electric Blue Skyline R34 GTR? I would answer YES. Sigh........... i want one. I saw this Skyline at Petrol Station nearby my house couple of days ago.


Google tricks

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Since i'm bored, I'm gonna write you bout my google trick. Its not really my google trick as almost everybody knows about it but, its a cool stuff. What is it for? uhm.. I always use it to download songs and MTVs and combined with FreeDownload Manager, you will get your songs in no time. Ok.. this is how it works... you do the search, navigate through each result of the search and once found it, download it using freedownload manager.

Downloading MP3
The search string should be something like this:
intitle:"index of" aerosmith crazy mp3 size

what does it mean? Intitle means that we are looking inside the page title for string index of. Index of is one of the value for the page title of the directory listing. So, actually we are browsing the directory listing. After index of, we can put our parameters, the more complex our parameters is.. the less result will we received. So, try to make it as simple as possible like if you are looking for Good Charlotte - Keep you hands off my girl, you might wanna type "good charlotte hand girl" instead. MP3 means we are looking for MP3 songs, and size is for narrowing down our results so that the word size is included in the page (Directory listing always have a column called size). Once you've found what you wanted (i've always found more that what I wanted), right click on the song and download it using download manager.

Downloading MTV
The search string for MTV would go something like this:
intitle:"index of" aerosmith size avi or mpg or wmv or mpeg

The paramaters are self explanatory except the extension that we are telling google that we are looking for avi or mpg or wmv or mpeg files. Actually by using this search string, you can find more video files but... havent tried that.

Have fun googling

Some candid pics....

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I never own a real camera in my life. Never, ever. So, the only camera that i've ever own is the one thats attached to my mobile. Its kinda interesting to have it as I can snap whatever I want whenever I want it and end up with few candid pics.... enjoy

Gender Discrimination
Well I know that I'm in Malaysia not Afgnanistan or Iran and never thought that gender discrimination does exists here in Malaysia but.. yeah.. thanks god now we have UNISEX Driving Academy!!!! They support both genders!!!!

Working Hard
I know that everybody work hard. Yeah, we do work hard for our current job and this are my friends pictures showing them how hard they were working sincerely from my own trusted mobile phone

Chin Kee 'The Boss' hard at work
Nick 'Nicklodeon' hard at work
Walter 'The Walter' hard at work
Xi Bing 'No funny name' hard at work

so u all can see how busy our project is that the rest of other projects do envy us. :) :)

You all have a nice day