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Hi guys,
Guess I have to share these videos with you all. Pablo Francisco at his best. I was laughing my heart out watching these :) Enjoy

Little Tortillas Boy

Mexican Women

Have a nice day!!


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The pressie that were brought back by Man from Australia. :D Thanks bro, appreciate it!!! Nanti aku blanja ngko makan nasik!!!

My princess's pressie :)

Whats inside? You guess :D

And my new laptop bag, OAKLEY!!!!! The hard shell at the
back make me feel like Ninja Turtles. Hahahahhaha

Nice eh? Cool shit!!!

Thats the update for today. Still drolling over my bag in the office :) Have a nice evening!!

Okie, belanja Man already. Caught him with Fuad at Mid Valley, end up at Teppayanki for dinner. :) Below are the pics

Pic of something

Fuad, Man, Me and princess

Errr.. Tauge?

Better picture from a respectable hands/photographer :D


Chilling Off

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Well, I've been drafting this post for almost a week. Keep updating it whenever the ideas comes and keep thinking about it again and again till it's ready to go online. Probably it's my style where I love to think based on the events thats happening around me and mixed with my arrogance and ego, it ends up as a nice piece of thought that you might or might not have thought about it. It's chilling off. In this piece, you will find my arrogance side as well as the logic side of it. Be your own judge.

Have you ever thought that sometimes something that we are doing either its for fun or not is necessary to balance our emotions? That's what chilling off is about. Every single of us needs to chill off either we enjoy doing or realise about it or not is different story. Let me give an example which I believe most of us aware of. Akademi Fantasia. It's a big thing here in Malaysia as it's similar to American idols to Americans. What's about it? It's about watching it.

Most Malaysian loves to watch it and the producer made millions from last season's show. What does it got to do with chilling off? Well, we need to set our mind that we are actually watching it to chill off and that's all. Not to participate in it. By sending SMSes to the program, we are actually starting to participate in it and moving from chilling off to the next level and thats not good. We are supposed to watch it and forget about it in the next hour or so, not watching it, participating in it and keep having it in our mind.

Okie, another example. Have you ever heard of Harian Metro? Well, I believe most Malaysian knows Harian Metro. Do you know what I think of Harian Metro? It's degrading. I even once set in my mind that by reading Harian Metro, it actually lowers my IQ. Seriously and I even look at people who's reading Harian Metro is actually who have nothing much to achieve in their life except just keep it sail and die. A piece of journalism work(well, thats what they want it to be known) thats made up from imaginations and useless information. Why do they need to have Harian Metro when they already have Berita Harian? So that they can differentiate between journalists and fiction writers. Is it ok to read it? From my opinion, yeah it is. Everybody needs to chill off and if that is your stuff, then read it but as my above example do not take it seriously. When chilling off, you are supposed to forget about it after a while and not becoming avid fan of it.

Opportunist are actually making most money from people who are gullible and stupid. People who are less gullible and aware of the situation that they are currently into wont be spending money much to chill off but actually will be thinking how to make best out of it. Keeping the chilling off level on sight and live the life! Let's look at another example and here im discussing about my own obsession. I love fast cars and by being a fanatic of it, they would be lots of money involved. So, where is chilling off level and when I shouldnt go above it? I almost got myself a second hand Fiat Coupe somewhere last year. For 30 grands cash, I can just hand over the money and drive the machine off straight away. Why didnt i get it? I as well not really sure why. The car looked nice, the power is there, the look is there but somehow i was having problem handling that guy 30 grand cash. Actually my sense of realism just kicked inside my head and telling me DON'T!!!!. Now, with some money somewhere on the horizon, i was thinking of getting a fast machine. Something that i could drive by the weekend and hitting somewhere around 200 to 230 km/h on the highway. Where would this last? All the upgrades, maintenances (have u ever heard of Engine Oil that gonna cost you almost 400 bucks? yeah.. try asking TRUST for it) and petrol. Where would it end? I believe the chilling off level on this example lies on how much do we earn every month, not how much do we have. So, never look down at people who owns Ferrari for an example as somebody who's gullible. He/she might be earning 5 years of your salary every month :). So, i've been thinking instead, why dont I get another house? I've been longing for a semi D house for sometime that's gonna cost me around 700K. Why dont i put my downpayment of my sport car for my semi D house instead and own a new house? What do you think?

Summary, chilling off is good. I'm not gonna tell you which TYPE of chilling off suits you and either its good or not.You name it, recreational drug, alcohol, partying, fast driving, reading, playing game, watching movie / show, listening to music or even complaining about other people!!!! are among the chilling offs that most of us do and by not overdoing it, we are actually balancing our emotions and minds to make us think straight. By overdoing it, we are making ourself as a victim of opportunists. Oh, that might be your 'chilling off' :)

My princess has a chilling off that actually makes money rather than making her looses money instead. I'll tell you later about it. So, what are your chilling offs? Are you loosing money or making money from it?

Below are the songs that bring back memories to me few days ago. Ken Follet, Dex Design, Vision Street Wear, Gullwing, spitfire, GQ and Powell Peralta To name a few. Enjoy!!!

Some pics to share

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Some pics to share with readers of what i had snapped few days back

The place where and my Princess pakthor every morning :D

The drink which i always have every morning when im with
my Princess. The tarik halia

Among the first thing that I bought after got my salary.
Filling up my tea collections. New flavors are added and thus are Darjeeling
and Prince Of Wales

Stuffs toy which me and my Princess bought while we were pakthoring.
Mine is black and my Princess's is brown.
Always sitting at co driver seat and can be seen here trying
to teach him how to smoke :D

Sitting at steering wheel at car park :D
What happened to his eye? Punched by me cause he disturbed
me while I was driving

Mother's love :D :D

Nestum for me in the morning!!!

And an orange juice

Packed nasi goreng with prawns for lunch!!!

Hot tea that last hot the whole day!!!

and an apple for after lunch!!!

I'm currently being spoiled by everybody around me with love. My mother, my princess, my friends, my colleague.... gosh... 2008 does start beautifully. Love you all!!!!!

Okie..Okie.. new post... wallau wei...

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Well, life had been fun so far even though my last month's salary was SUPER late. Just received a call from my mom that my check just arrived today. Phew.... credit cards... bills... all end up paying late this month(for last month). Anyway i'm still lucky that i received it at the end. On the other hand, me and my princess had been having wonderful time together. We went to Morib, Wet World and recently we went to Tanjung Harapan, Klang and end up having seafood for dinner at Muara with my mom. Was a nice evening, no rain and we had prawns, crabs and fish!. Superb dinner and was full till the next day :D

On the other hand, Azman is coming down for a while from Australia and I pesan him to get myself a new laptop bag (and this is a surprise. Different from my usual 'look'!!!) and a pressie for my princess which as well a surprise :D :D

2008 has started nicely for me so far and I'M LOVING IT!!!! (trademark; McDonalds). Enjoy the pics which i snapped few weeks ago and lazy to upload till today.

This what will happend if you leave your phone to your girlfriend who's bored

And more

The one who were bored while waiting for the Dim Sum Restaurant to be open at Equatorial Hotel, Bangi and end up decided to snap her boyfriend's pictures instead(and making fun of him).

My bean tree that is sooooo tall. This picture was taken 2 weeks ago and thats the top of my grill. I repeat again.. THE TOP of my grill.

Another picture of the top of my grill. My mom asked me if i wanna make my room a jungle or what


Those are the very first leaves. Very big already right now. Macam telinga gajah

I added more soil to the mug. Black soil taken from my mom's gardening gunny. :D

Monkey trying to pick up drinking. Here seen with Tiger Beer. Picture taken at Morib while Pak Thoring with my princess

The beer can doesnt come with manual thus the monkeys found it hard to drink. Well, it was worth it I guess. Monkey and a can of beer. Burp.... argh.....................

My new hat which was bought at Pyramid. Nice eh?

Dunno whats this pic for. Taken by my princess. Its about red eyes..... something with blood... with red eyes and yada yada

Christmas eve at The Curve. It snowed :D :D

Welcome 2008

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Well, it took me a good 8 days to write something. Not that i'm busy but, just end up getting lazy by day. Coming back home tired, don't feel like turning on laptop at all. Dinner, being mushy with my Princess for a while and then.. off to sleep.

New job is good. The location is Damansara and starts at 9 every morning. So, on the way to office, i end up having breakfast with my Princess in PJ. Pak thor for about an hour before heading to work. The environment is good, everybody are just as innocent as me when i was 6 years old and below (after that i started stealing my sis's money) :D :D So, good on me. Very good start for 2008.

As per my position right now, I need to look for staffs that my company is still lacking off. So, here i'm posting positions available in my company

Junior Web Programmer

VB.NET / C# AND .NET 2.0
Fresh grad level

Those the main requirement even thought if u have CSS/HTML/JAVASCRIPT would be better as your salary will depends on your knowledge.

Mid-Level Web Programmer

C#, ASP/ASP.NET and .NET Framework 2.0
SQL, Stored Procedures, Triggers
At least had successfully finished 2 ASP/ASP.NET projects

Those are the main requirements but if u have AJAX would be added advantage. Please note that im expecting somebody who knows the difference between ASP and ASP.NET, what is the difference between in-line programming and code-behind, what is boxing and unboxing. Thats to name a few.

Senior Web Programmer
C#, ASP/ASP.NET and .NET Framework 2.0
SQL, Stored Procedures, Triggers
Had successfully finished at least 3 ASP/ASP.NET projects

Those are the requirements even though more knowledge in web development like AJAX, XHTML, Web Services or development approach like Test-Driven Development and Team Foundation Server would be highly advantageous. Knowledge in .NET would be the main focus as you should know what are the best practises in .NET framework, what is State Management in .NET, the best way to approach databases depending on situation and such. You will be working side by side with the rest of the web developers building quality applications with an acceptable approach. Everybody can code and what makes every coders different to each other is the approach :D

Salary is negotiable. When i say negotiable, it is very negotiable. Can kao tim. Expect 2 interviews for mid-level position and senior position and only 1 interview for junior. Second interview will be done through phone from UK to Malaysia.

On the other hand, my Princess is looking for people as well in her company. This is copy and paste of what she sent to me. The company is located in PJ.

Job Responsibilities

Perform server system administration including monitoring, operations, back-up, maintenance and troubleshooting
Manage IT infrastructure including servers, software and PC, ensuring smooth operation and high availability
Ensure systems are configured; operating systems and applications are updated and secured.
Perform hardware and software asset management including acquisition & disposal, inventory management and licensing
Develop scripts or tools for systems administration, automation, performance monitoring, preventive maintenance, disaster recovery and security.
Manage Cisco router configuration
Manage mail server

Job Requirements

Degree in Information Technology, Computer Science or its equivalent.
Minimum 2 years working experience in a related field
Must have skills in Linux and Windows OS administration

The Job

Organize and perform quality check on software
Develop, maintain and enhance automated testing scripts
Diagnose and identify possible reasons for software faults


Degree in Computer Science or Information Technology
Preferably with 1-2 years experience in technical support or software quality control
Proactive, motivated, detail oriented, flexible and pleasant personality
Strong command of both spoken and written English
Good analytical and communication skills
Proficient in MS Windows and MS Office applications
Knowledge of Excel Macro and SQA Robot Scripting is an added advantage

Job Responsibilities

Undertake programming assignments entailing the design, coding, testing and documentation of systems
Create and maintain detailed logical designs to establish the order in which data is processed
Test the validity and logic of programs and make amendments as required
Assist in the preparation of documents detailing the operations and maintenance of programs
Ensure all programs are developed according to corporate standards

Job Requirements

Degree in Computing or equivalent
Preferably with 1-2 years information systems and technology experience in MNCs
Fresh graduates are also encouraged to apply
Good working knowledge of MS VC++ and MS Access
Good understanding of COMs technology is an added advantage
Able to rapid prototype from conceptualization of business requirements
Good trouble-shooting and problem solving skills
Fast learner

If you somehow interested in any of the jobs posted above, simply send me an email at with your resume.