Last week

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Photo collection of last week's events. Nothing much to write though


Testing Kebaya for kenduriSorry, have to post this wan. Nyonya tgh marah salesgirl.

Muka serious :D :D I like this picgambar kaki :D :D


I'm fat
But a happy fat guy

Smoking kills
Hate to take posing picture actualy

Rempit in pangkor :D

I'm being pushed

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Currently i'm being pushed. Not really pushed around but just that some people who thinks that they are better than me and starts ordering me this and that. I'm not really in the mood of taking order, actually i've never had mood in taking orders. I take suggestions and i love it when it comes with choices but i don't take orders. Usually orders will result with middle finger being showed in front of their faces. If I can't show my middle finger (under some circumstances), it will be replaced with either with a scream, a curse and then followed by me packing up bag and sayonara.

My life is not going well at the moment but that's not a reason for me for not being thankful of the state which i am. I have almost everything that I need at the moment even though its not what I dream but it's good enough and what I need to do is continue working for my dream. Currently i'm in the middle of making a loan for something that I dont need and actually I dont have to if everything had been thought properly in the first place. If this 'agreement' goes awry, it will messed with my life till next decade. Seriously. So, adding complexity to my headaches at the moment won't help me in making my life easier.

I have a reputation of leaving people which i dont see 'fit' into my life. My Xes, my dad to name a few. Bring me headache and you wont see nor hear me anymore. I hate complexities... and once it comes up... i start looking for opening somewhere far, Australia... New Zealand... and be only with someone that i'm comfortable with.

So, stop preaching and telling me what to do. Mind your own business so that i can patiently solve my problem. Pushing me too hard and you wont see me again and i'm DEAD SERIOUS. Sigh....

Ich brauche Zeit
Kein Heroin kein Alkohol kein Nikotin
Brauch keine Hilfe
Kein Koffein
Doch Dynamit und Terpentin
Ich brauche Öl für Gasolin
Explosiv wie Kerosin
Mit viel Oktan und frei von Blei
Einen Kraftstoff wie


Of Election

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I was there at the election as a volunteer even though I didnt even volunteered myself to help :) Anyway, what the heck. Opposition managed to grab 4 more states from Barisan thus making 5 states in the opposition hands already. Congratulation guys. The funniest things are that:

  • PKR managed to take over Selangor (Who could have thought of that? Not even PKR themselves)
  • DAP took over Penang (?????) from MCA and Perak (???)
  • Samy Vellu whose just realised that he was downgraded from Semi Value to Demi Value.
  • Anwar's daughter won Pantai Dalam and push over that some weird looking lady called Sharizat aside.
I didnt even expect the result of the election to be this shocking but I really hope that Barisan Nasional had learnt their lesson. 2004 election, Barisan Nasional won the election with landslide victory. They won even when they put all the goons and baboons as representatives as we all can see in the parliament. It was all because of Pak Lah. Because of his 'clean' image as potrayed by the government. He fights corruptions, he's transparent in everything that he does and he's very Islamic (due to his dad who's a very well known Tok Guru). After 4 years of his administration, seems that everybody agrees... if you are an UMNO.. you are an UMNO. You will still be acting like one, will be collecting lots of money for your own family, corruptions, all those weird transactions between government and private companies. It doesnt matter where you come from, how good your family is, by the end... UMNO is UMNO. They even bribe voters within their own party to vote for them so that they could get the seat that they want within their party. How crazy is that??? It's more of... no trust and dignity at all between them. They might be in the same party but they dont work like one. That is what differs the most about oppositions. Oppositions comes with resume of achievements to woo voters while UMNO comes with money.

One more thing that I couldnt understand about Barisan Nasional is that why are they so racist? Yet they blame the opposition were the one who's being racist. I bet you guys had heard that some MPs were telling Chinese and Indians that if they dont like Malaysia, they can pack and leave back to their motherhood country or... the keris of Hishamudin where he said that his keris will soon would be covered with Chinese blood. Am i making stories? go and check it by yourself on Youtube. Don't be so lazy to check it out. So, are they not racist? nope.. its the opposition who are racist. Malaysia are not built by Malay's alone. For 50 years all races worked side by side to bring this country as it is. Malaysia wont be like this if its Malay alone who had worked on it. Its Malay, Chinese, Indians, Kadazan whatever race here in Malaysia who build this country and there's no way that any Malaysian can ask other Malaysian to get out of the country just because of his race. Malaysia does not belong to Malay nor developed by Malay alone. Get that point straight!!!!. Damn arrogance. What did Malay do? give Singapore to Lee Kuan Yew? For goodness sake, learn from your mistake. Remove all the goons and baboons from parliament. People are not that stupid anymore, people nowadays read and do judgment. So, stop sending those no-brainer, SPM dropout gangsters to represent rakyat in parliament. They all are good for nothing expect making racist remarks to other MPs, asking custom officer to close one eye on some of their business transaction and stealing tax payers money for their own family.

We are Malaysians. We are not known as by our race but by who we are and that is Malaysian. Last week... we were known by our party but now we will be working again as one. As Malaysian. Rakyat has spoken and voice has heard. Lets work again as one and bring this country to where it should be as one.

Proud to be Malaysian.

Of Travelling

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I took off on saturday early morning to JB with one reason in mind. To vote. My first time ever casting a vote in my life :)

I woke up by 1 AM on saturday, briefly cleaned my house and then packed my clothes and head out from home by 2AM sharp. The traffic was clear, very clear actually as it was a smooth drive there. Average speed was roughly between 130KM/h to 140KM/h where sometimes I endup driving at 160KM/h at some part of the highway.

Was a little sleepy while driving so I blasted my music to full volume. Arrived at Kangkar Pulai by 4:45AM after taking Skudai exit off the highway. This is my first time doing less than 3 hours to JB :D Used up a bit more than half tank of fuel where i could save more fuel if i drove a lot slower than what i did. The most fuel efficient speed for my car is between 70 to 90KM/h. But half tank of fuel for 328 kilometers is good enough :D During driving my RPM was between 3400 RPM to 4000 RPM and i was driving 1.5 liter Honda City TypeZ VTECH.

On the way back, the traffic was crazy. The jammed started from Pedas, Linggi heading towards KL. Sicked and tired of the jam, we decided to exit through Seremban. From Seremban then we head to Mantin heading towards Kajang and from there then we took SILK highway towards Cheras. Easy peasy :D

4:45 AM in Kangkar Pulai. 2 hours and 45 minutes :D

How much fuel that I used

The distance. Not really that clear. Its 329 KM from Alam Damai Cheras to Kangkar Pulai through Skudai exit.

On the way back home. Stopped by roadside and grab some durian. :D :D Yummy yummy yummy yummy

At plus highway. Jam packed from Pedas (N Sembilan) to KL. We exited Seremban and use kampung roads to Cheras.


How To Make Burger

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Well, after being absent for a long time, Chef Hatim comes again and this time with a very special recipe that every PHSP (Poor Hungry Single Professional) can cook it at home by themselves. Please give a hand to Chef Hatim!!!

Clap!! Clap!! Clap!! Clap!!!

Tuttututtttt Tuttutttttt Tuttutttt (Background music)

Wallauwei... it has been a while since I last post my recipe and tonight we will be cooking burger at home!!

Are you all eager to start cooking now? Ops... first thing first.. get that bloody sink clean!! Oh yeah so that easier for us to look for knives, cutleries and cigarettes later.

Before (well, this only happen during the time when my mom is absent from home)

After (This is the usual view when my mom is around)

Okie.. without wasting more time, here I present the ingredients for our menu tonight.

As we can see here
  1. 2 burger buns which can be replaced with sandwich bread if you like.
  2. 2 chicken eggs which can be replaced with telur itik, telur burung, telur lembu, telur kuda or even telor orang.
  3. Cucumber. Cucumber is a vegie which can always be found at local or international market.
  4. Patties. As we can see here there are 2 type of patties, the red one is beef and the white one is chicken. If you want other type of patty, feel free to make it yourself. Meat patties can easily be found and supermarket at the frozen foods section
  5. Worcestershire(terbelit lidah aku menyebut) sauce which can be replaced with whatever sauce you can find in your kitchen. Sauce pan included.
Okie now since we are ready to cook as we have all of our ingredients lets begin:

druuuuuudrudrudrudrudrudru (background music: drum roll)

Okie now we heat roughly 2 spoons of oil into a frying pan. Usually people always use margarine for the taste but me and my mom have repented(?) from taking margarine just because of the fat contents in it. So, you'll never find any margarine nor butter inside my kitchen. Once the oil is hot, put the patties in. While waiting for the patties to be cooked, cut the burger buns into 2

Once the patties are half cook, take it out and cut it in half. Half means 50% each part. So, 49% or lower and 51% or higher on either part is not acceptable. Please take a note on that.

After cut into 2, put back those patties inside the hot pan with the inside side facing down. Errr... ignore the overcooked patty on the picture above :D

Once cooked properly, put the patties between the burger buns

Then put some worcestershire in between the patties and then slap a slice (or how many slices as you wish, i cant be bothered) of cheddar cheese on top of the sauce (splat!!!: background music)

Pesanan Penaja. Please watch and then continue with the show


Then close the patties and start arranging cucumber slices on top of it

Then squeeze chilli sauce (or whatever sauce that u feel like) on top of the cucumber and then close the buns

Serve the burgers on a plate. Never use baldi to serve it as the difficulty of eating from it.

Not an actual size. Image above is not meant to be scaled.

As you all might have noticed,
  • What did i do with the eggs?
I put back in the fridge
  • Why didnt i heat the buns so that it taste nicer?
It's my problem. What does it got to do with you?

Okie... here the real reason of the occasions above. When the patties just been cooked and before i start frying the eggs, I ran out of cooking gas. That was the reason why no eggs being friend and the buns are not heated. Moral of the story: always wear seatbelt while inside a car and never drink and drive.

That's all for tonight show and I hope that you enjoy reading it. Happy cooking burgers!!!!


March Events

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Look like it has been a while since i post something here. All the comments started to come already. Hahahhahah. Somehow this month started with lots of works for me. Getting very busy since the start but still didnt stop me from thinking of what's been in my mind. Here's what in my mind at the moment.

My Birthday
I have a private party for my birthday in some island somewhere in Malaysia. This is my first time ever where somebody organized a holiday for my birthday. Usually either party with my colleagues in the office or getting drunk in a bar with my friends but this time is different. A private party. Thank you very much princess!!

I'll be driving back to JB this saturday morning to vote and will be driving back to KL by sunday evening. It doesnt matter much to me to drive to JB just to vote but what matters to me is that I have to be one of the voting official to make sure no fraud or cheating happen during the counting process. That somehow pissed me off. There's actually 2 points that pissed me off on this:

  1. Where's all the party supporters who were noisy during ceramah and by the end I'm the one who have to sit there and monitor the counting? I feel like being used for this.
  2. Why Puteri UMNO is given the opportunity to do the counting where the vote counting is supposed to be clean from any intervention from any parties? It's clearly stated that it's Puteri UMNO and UMNO is a political party and they are the one who's end up doing the counting. That's sucks and by the end i'm the one who's end up going to monitor them. Wasting my time to watch people from committing any fraud.
Congratulation to Ajoy and Mel for their decision to tie the knot this April. I'll be driving back again to JB to attend the ceremony and know what? I'm happy for you guys and i'll be driving there with my Princess and we will attend your ceremony. Congrats again for the decision and we wish you "bahagia sehingga anak cucu".

Apart from that, my life had been the same. Busy in the office playing game with my princess and do work, weekend end up pakthor together and being lovey dovey. I wish you reader a nice day ahead and happy voting!!!