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I took off on saturday early morning to JB with one reason in mind. To vote. My first time ever casting a vote in my life :)

I woke up by 1 AM on saturday, briefly cleaned my house and then packed my clothes and head out from home by 2AM sharp. The traffic was clear, very clear actually as it was a smooth drive there. Average speed was roughly between 130KM/h to 140KM/h where sometimes I endup driving at 160KM/h at some part of the highway.

Was a little sleepy while driving so I blasted my music to full volume. Arrived at Kangkar Pulai by 4:45AM after taking Skudai exit off the highway. This is my first time doing less than 3 hours to JB :D Used up a bit more than half tank of fuel where i could save more fuel if i drove a lot slower than what i did. The most fuel efficient speed for my car is between 70 to 90KM/h. But half tank of fuel for 328 kilometers is good enough :D During driving my RPM was between 3400 RPM to 4000 RPM and i was driving 1.5 liter Honda City TypeZ VTECH.

On the way back, the traffic was crazy. The jammed started from Pedas, Linggi heading towards KL. Sicked and tired of the jam, we decided to exit through Seremban. From Seremban then we head to Mantin heading towards Kajang and from there then we took SILK highway towards Cheras. Easy peasy :D

4:45 AM in Kangkar Pulai. 2 hours and 45 minutes :D

How much fuel that I used

The distance. Not really that clear. Its 329 KM from Alam Damai Cheras to Kangkar Pulai through Skudai exit.

On the way back home. Stopped by roadside and grab some durian. :D :D Yummy yummy yummy yummy

At plus highway. Jam packed from Pedas (N Sembilan) to KL. We exited Seremban and use kampung roads to Cheras.


5 Responses to Of Travelling

  1. lsann Says:
    Ya so clever. Let's all give a standing ovation to Timmy who drove at 160 and reached JB in less than 3 hours for the first time. Let's give him a pingat pencapaian!

    I thought u left at 1am, at 2 rupanya. Dun even remember what I messaged u cos I was asleep haha.
  2. Radius Says:
    why are you so sarcastic wan to your Timmy ah? So jahat
  3. lsann Says:
    Cos we are not supposed to speed...and drive at 80km/h instead..
  4. Radius Says:
    jealous............ >:P
  5. lsann Says:
    Jealous of what? I save more fuel than u. Pooh!

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