Selamat Hari Raya

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I would like to invite all readers and friends to my place in Cheras during this Hari Raya season. Please do call me before dropping over to my place just to make sure that i will be around. Whoever traveling back to hometown, please drive safely and please check your car prior driving back to hometown. I'll be here in Cheras during the season and wun be traveling anywhere so, just drop by to my place anytime when you are free.

I would like to wish to all Muslims "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, maaf zahir dan batin sekiranya ada terkasar bahasa, tersalah perkataan dan terguris hari."

The itenerary for guests that had confirmed attendance are:

Princess and family: Thursday 12PM
Nick + wife, Eric + wife : Thursday 2PM
The rest?: Please call me first to organize timing


Another one arrested

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Well........... previously penarik beca who got arrested. The reason, well you might have noticed it but I guess he has his own reason for doing so. After penarik beca, then RPK, Theresa and Tan Hoon Cheng end up being ISAed. So far, only Penarik Beca and Tan Hoon Cheng has been released. Yesterday (18th September), another blogger arrested and he's known as Kickdefella (Sheikh). Thats not gonna be nice at all. Yesterday as well, Abdullah called Anwar as a treat to country's economic and security. Actually it sounds very fishy to me, just preparing for the worst as I heard rumours that Anwar might get picked up in the next few days. Gosh... these people are really power hunger. Calling kettle black where they are the one who's been trying to stay on power even when rakyat already hates them so much.


Shoot the messenger!!! Shoot the messenger!!! Shoot the messenger!!!

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As we all had noticed that 3 persons had just been picked up by police yesterday under the ordinance of ISA (read here). These warriors are Raja Petra Kamarudin, Teresa Kok (Seputeh MP) and Tan Hoong Cheng of Sin Chew Daily. While Raja Petra and Teresa are politicos (which still I cant see any reason why they need to be detained under ISA, discussion is always the best to clear up any issues), Ms Tan is a REPORTER!! instead. Detaining a reporter who's reporting the truth (i repeat again THE TRUTH) is just SUPERBLY wrong especially when we are talking about democracy and freedom. Why can't you go and arrest those stupid reporters from Utusan and Berita Harian instead where they always sensationalised the issues and twisting the news. The reason why she was picked up because she was the one who reported regarding Ahmad Ismail (Datuk? Datuk my ass!!) regarding his racial statement. I've been monitoring the situation created by Ahmad Ismail since it was started in Permatang Pauh. Actually if public didnt push Abdullah Badawi to punish Ahmad, I believe that nothing will happend to Ahmad. Nothing, nada, walu, rien!! UMNO members are always invincible to Malaysia law. The only way for them to get charged are only 1) The UMNO leaders do not want them anymore in the party and they started to get charged from bribery to even unsettled parking tickets and 2) Back stabbing between party members.

Anyway, if opposition or normal public ever make that statement, they will get locked up inside ISA in no time but if UMNO member did that, he got 3 years punishment from party. Even the punishment, what the fuck does the party who ended up punishing him not Malaysian court of law? He didnt commit crime against UMNO but against Malaysian citizens instead. Since government is so keen on ISA, let see if Abdullah gonna throw that donkey inside Kamunting for few years and torture him like how did police do to Anwar previously. Are you up to it Abdullah? Nope? guess you are just too old to be classified as someone who has balls.

So, next time when people report anything wrong regarding UMNO leaders, just remember shoot the messenger!!. If you think this has never happened before try to refresh your memory of issues regarding that Thamby Chik of Melaka, and how Raja Petra reported against Najib and he's the one who ended up being arrested instead of Najib while when that Saiful guy reported against Anwar, Anwar ended up being arrested. Double standard!!! anyway... UMNO, instead of investigating the people being reported but they investigate the messenger and shoot him instead. Fuck you lah!!

Of me, Princess and Emily

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Life has been tiring recently. Several projects kicks on at the same time and everybody was rushing for the deadlines. Other than that, life is cool and i'm being thankful for the state that i'm in.

Princess is moving from Nielsen to Standard Charted soon :D :D with more money so im happy for her. All the best to you Princess Sue. I've just registered myself, Emily and Princess for HPC (High Performance Challenge) for this November. I'm looking forward to. Woot!! Woot!! Woot!!. Just changed the tires for Emily and I got a good deal for Dunlop Direzza at SS2 tire shop. 18 / 225 for RM 560 (front) and 18/235 for RM 600 (rear). So, now Emily is running with 4 new tires and i'm happy with it. Nope, i'm not gonna put Toyo, Pirelli, Michelin or other brands. No money :p :p I've just realised how light RX8 original rims ar. Well, even thought not as light as those aftermarket performance rims but still, think its very light for an 18 inch :D. Its weight at 9.7kg per piece while compared to after market rims: Work Meister S1 (8.5KG), ADVAN RS (8KG), Volks RE30 (18/8,5 = 7.7KG and 18/9.5 = 8.1KG) and G Games 77f VIAO at 9.29KG. I love my rims even thought not as light as my friends but still, its light enough compared to those Taiwanese rims available on the market :D 

On the other hand, Eric is joining SAPSB. WHAT???? bwahahahhahahahahhahahha tu la ngko, dulu ngko kutuk sangat mamat mamat kat SAPSB, skarang diaorang tunjuk duit, melompat ngko (i heard from Nick that he's being paid a fortune to jump over)

Anyway, Malaysian politic is going from bad to worse, UMNO is killing each other right now. :)

Take care.

HPE Woot!! Woot!! Woot!!

Dunlop Direzza :)

3307, should be middle of 2007 :D

Berbuka puasa with Princess at Strawberry Fields in PJ State

After a while...

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In the last few weeks, my mind had been working overtime just to accommodate all troubles from the smallest trouble in my life till the biggest. Nothing much that I can do except by being thankful and appreciate what I have in my life. It could be worse actually.

My integrity and intelligence was trampled out of anger and you know what? i'm still cool. :D :D

My trust and honesty was betrayed.

I was being disrespected as a friend.

And the most recent thing "based from his blog, he has fantabulous ego".

Actually lots of things in my head that I don't think that I really deserve to face it but somehow sometimes I managed to move that to the positive side of my brain. By doing that i'm hoping that i could learn a lesson from it which i think I did. At least a bit :)

Actually, this is the tone down version of the original post which i had drafted and saved. I just don't have the heart to post it cause if i do, the impact would be real bad. By the end, we all human being with feelings. Even how angry we are, lets try to face it with the proper intelligent way. Sometimes I do pull myself back during arguments just because i was trying to cool myself down from being so rude and I think I did well. Some of you might have known how rude was I last time. :)

Yes, I'm an arrogant, rude guy with fantabulous ego. So? i'm not important enough till the world would get effected by my ego and it goes the same with you, who are not big enough till the world will get effected by your stupidity. So, get a life will ya.

We are all might be working for the same result but im taking different routes. Success is never common and it takes more than commoners to be successful.
Cause.............. The finest steel has to go through the hottest fire (As per today's qoute )

Roger and out.

Some pictures throughout the weeks:

Ini nama dia putih

Ini pulak Hitam (Blackie)

They are the new member in my family. :D

Ini Putih tengah tengok Animal Planet :D :D

Emily Hospitalized

Emily few days before during raining

Emily in the morning from Princess's car at PJ State

Emily at 9:30 in the evening. Heater hose broke

Arrived at ST Wangan around 10 in the evening

Emily on a tow car

This cikgu sekolah is known as...

Princess Sue

Or even Baby Sue :D :D