Shoot the messenger!!! Shoot the messenger!!! Shoot the messenger!!!

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As we all had noticed that 3 persons had just been picked up by police yesterday under the ordinance of ISA (read here). These warriors are Raja Petra Kamarudin, Teresa Kok (Seputeh MP) and Tan Hoong Cheng of Sin Chew Daily. While Raja Petra and Teresa are politicos (which still I cant see any reason why they need to be detained under ISA, discussion is always the best to clear up any issues), Ms Tan is a REPORTER!! instead. Detaining a reporter who's reporting the truth (i repeat again THE TRUTH) is just SUPERBLY wrong especially when we are talking about democracy and freedom. Why can't you go and arrest those stupid reporters from Utusan and Berita Harian instead where they always sensationalised the issues and twisting the news. The reason why she was picked up because she was the one who reported regarding Ahmad Ismail (Datuk? Datuk my ass!!) regarding his racial statement. I've been monitoring the situation created by Ahmad Ismail since it was started in Permatang Pauh. Actually if public didnt push Abdullah Badawi to punish Ahmad, I believe that nothing will happend to Ahmad. Nothing, nada, walu, rien!! UMNO members are always invincible to Malaysia law. The only way for them to get charged are only 1) The UMNO leaders do not want them anymore in the party and they started to get charged from bribery to even unsettled parking tickets and 2) Back stabbing between party members.

Anyway, if opposition or normal public ever make that statement, they will get locked up inside ISA in no time but if UMNO member did that, he got 3 years punishment from party. Even the punishment, what the fuck does the party who ended up punishing him not Malaysian court of law? He didnt commit crime against UMNO but against Malaysian citizens instead. Since government is so keen on ISA, let see if Abdullah gonna throw that donkey inside Kamunting for few years and torture him like how did police do to Anwar previously. Are you up to it Abdullah? Nope? guess you are just too old to be classified as someone who has balls.

So, next time when people report anything wrong regarding UMNO leaders, just remember shoot the messenger!!. If you think this has never happened before try to refresh your memory of issues regarding that Thamby Chik of Melaka, and how Raja Petra reported against Najib and he's the one who ended up being arrested instead of Najib while when that Saiful guy reported against Anwar, Anwar ended up being arrested. Double standard!!! anyway... UMNO, instead of investigating the people being reported but they investigate the messenger and shoot him instead. Fuck you lah!!

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