Of me, Princess and Emily

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Life has been tiring recently. Several projects kicks on at the same time and everybody was rushing for the deadlines. Other than that, life is cool and i'm being thankful for the state that i'm in.

Princess is moving from Nielsen to Standard Charted soon :D :D with more money so im happy for her. All the best to you Princess Sue. I've just registered myself, Emily and Princess for HPC (High Performance Challenge) for this November. I'm looking forward to. Woot!! Woot!! Woot!!. Just changed the tires for Emily and I got a good deal for Dunlop Direzza at SS2 tire shop. 18 / 225 for RM 560 (front) and 18/235 for RM 600 (rear). So, now Emily is running with 4 new tires and i'm happy with it. Nope, i'm not gonna put Toyo, Pirelli, Michelin or other brands. No money :p :p I've just realised how light RX8 original rims ar. Well, even thought not as light as those aftermarket performance rims but still, think its very light for an 18 inch :D. Its weight at 9.7kg per piece while compared to after market rims: Work Meister S1 (8.5KG), ADVAN RS (8KG), Volks RE30 (18/8,5 = 7.7KG and 18/9.5 = 8.1KG) and G Games 77f VIAO at 9.29KG. I love my rims even thought not as light as my friends but still, its light enough compared to those Taiwanese rims available on the market :D 

On the other hand, Eric is joining SAPSB. WHAT???? bwahahahhahahahahhahahha tu la ngko, dulu ngko kutuk sangat mamat mamat kat SAPSB, skarang diaorang tunjuk duit, melompat ngko (i heard from Nick that he's being paid a fortune to jump over)

Anyway, Malaysian politic is going from bad to worse, UMNO is killing each other right now. :)

Take care.

HPE Woot!! Woot!! Woot!!

Dunlop Direzza :)

3307, should be middle of 2007 :D

Berbuka puasa with Princess at Strawberry Fields in PJ State

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  1. The Devil Says:
    whoaaa..... 2.3k for the tyres....

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