One Year

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One year,
Of living life in a new place,
Adjusting myself within the space,
Looking out from here within,
To the land of thats promising.
Ups and downs in emotions,
Bleed and cure are the sensation,
Another year that goes by,
Bringing up hope that might lie.
I love it how it rolled,
That never leave me out in the cold,
Even though the sun did not shine everyday,
Rain did sometime makes me play.
Managed to look for who do I want,
Caring her feeling from both of my hands,
Something that I wish that it would last,
That differs from what I had in the past.
Every ending is a new beginning,
Reflecting my life, enriching the meaning,
Facing every new episode with no fear,
Then all be summarized as... One Year.

I'm bored...

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I'm bored and missing my princess. She's gone MIA while i'm publishing this post. So, I decided to post several links that you can download songs from. The easiest way of downloading these songs are by using freedownload manager software but, im just too lazy to give you guys the link of it so, here are your links. Use it while its accessible!! :D <= Malay songs, Hindustan, Indonesian and English.
Seriously there are GIGS of songs here updated ALMOST EVERYDAY. Feel free to browse around. It will keep you guys in front of your computer for a while.

I'll update this post if i find anything interesting to add. Now, im missing my princess :(


My Beans

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This the update of my magic bean. It has grown a lot since last i post its pictures here. Even today, the leaves came out so huge. I dunno why that I feel touched with this bean, probably i've been longing to have a pet and end up with a bean (Jack And The Beanstalk / Timmy and His Bean!!!) or a sense of accomplishment where the tree hasnt die yet on my hand. Hahhahaha. Me and princess bought each of us when we were at Pyramid last weekend so, if you wanna check her bean's progress, feel free to go and check her blog here. Anyway below are the progress of the growth.

When it first started to come out

Urgh... looking for some light.... gimme some light!!!!

Okie.. my phone camera quality is not that good. But u still can see the written on the side of the bean saying "Only U"

Here we can see some progress already plus you can see those white roots coming out.

Oh yeah.... here it goes!!!! Eager to come out

Can see that the shell is still there. That brown shell hadnt come out yet

Only you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup, the leaves starts to come out, the roots starts to fill underneath the soil

And the leaves starting to grow

Cool eh?

Well today, the leaves already grew so big and huge. I'm just lazy to post it up. I'll update it when I feel like. But u do have idea how big, huge, tall (taller than me, yeah serious shit) this bean tree is. Okie.. I was exaggerating just now saying its taller than me.. but well.. do u have one? :D :D :D

Have a nice weekend guys. Ciao

My Princess Birthday

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My last saturday, 1st december to be exact. I took my princess out for dinner to celebrate her birthday. I was trying to do something different actually, was trying to take her to east coast for holiday cum celebrating her birthday but due to unavoidable circumstances, I decided to celebrate her birthday in KL instead. My main choice was the revolving restaurant at Menara Kuala Lumpur but because of late plan, I couldnt get the table reserved and made me to switch to plan B and that was, Revolving Bintang Restaurant. We arrived there about 7:30, order our dinner, chat, eat, stare, taking pictures, being jiwang and the whole yada yada. It was a nice spent evening and being with someone that you love. Happy Birthday Baby. May all of your wishes come true. Love you.

Instead of being jiwang the whole night, we end up taking up pictures from our table. My princess was checking her phone for the pictures she has taken. Click here for more pictures from my princess blog.

Well, our dessert. Chocolate mousse. Not as perfect as i've tasted before, this one was kinda hard. Did they exchange white egg with flour instead?

KL Tower view from our tower :) No baby, my phone is no better than yours at snapping night pictures.

The "jagung" view from our tower. As significant as it should be. :)

Some juction at Bukit Bintang jam packed with cars. Sorry, the picture is not really that clear.

Well nice spent evening being with my princess. Glad that she likes her present and the night. Happy birthday again princess.