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This the update of my magic bean. It has grown a lot since last i post its pictures here. Even today, the leaves came out so huge. I dunno why that I feel touched with this bean, probably i've been longing to have a pet and end up with a bean (Jack And The Beanstalk / Timmy and His Bean!!!) or a sense of accomplishment where the tree hasnt die yet on my hand. Hahhahaha. Me and princess bought each of us when we were at Pyramid last weekend so, if you wanna check her bean's progress, feel free to go and check her blog here. Anyway below are the progress of the growth.

When it first started to come out

Urgh... looking for some light.... gimme some light!!!!

Okie.. my phone camera quality is not that good. But u still can see the written on the side of the bean saying "Only U"

Here we can see some progress already plus you can see those white roots coming out.

Oh yeah.... here it goes!!!! Eager to come out

Can see that the shell is still there. That brown shell hadnt come out yet

Only you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup, the leaves starts to come out, the roots starts to fill underneath the soil

And the leaves starting to grow

Cool eh?

Well today, the leaves already grew so big and huge. I'm just lazy to post it up. I'll update it when I feel like. But u do have idea how big, huge, tall (taller than me, yeah serious shit) this bean tree is. Okie.. I was exaggerating just now saying its taller than me.. but well.. do u have one? :D :D :D

Have a nice weekend guys. Ciao

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  1. man Says:
    tem, ko skrang bagaikan bunga berkembang menanti mentari...acecece kalo aku kat sane dah lame aku potong dan ngappp terus kacang togeh ko tu..
  2. Radius Says:
    woit.... kecoh btul la... ada ke kata aku "bunga berkembang menanti mentari:. Woi... ngko duk kat sana ngko baca apa? cerpen ker?

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