Raja Petra on TV1

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For whoever missed the blog tv show on TV1 last April 28th, you can view it here. Raja Petra was on TV and RTM1 got owned by him. Hahahahahhahahhahaha http://www.malaysia-today.net/2008/content/view/6726/1/ Click here to watch it.

Total viewers for this specific show was 666,102 viewers and 208K people per minute. The number of people watched the show was higher than the weeks before. These numbers are correct as obtained by one of my trusted sources from a media research company. Thank you to you :D

You better watch as.. especially when Raja Petra called the host as... Communist hahahahhaha you better watch it.... RTM1 got owned and labeled communist by Raja Petra... hahahahhahah

Anyway my comment... the host is really have no idea what is he talking about... for example by giving comment that "itu mungkin kerana akhbar ini tertakluk kepada akta syarikat, tak gitu?" and kena lambast back from RPK by replying "taaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkk............ its printing press and publication act..... akta cetak." Apala.... host pun bodoh hahahahahhaha


Well... now we are getting it....

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The Star) PETALING JAYA: The Mongolian honorary consul-general to Malaysia Datuk Syed Abdul Rahman Alhabshi was shocked when he heard that Mongolia would sever political ties with Malaysia if the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder case was deemed to be unfair.

He said the Mongolian government had not officially made such a decision.

“I was shocked when I heard that statement on television just now,” he said.

Syed Abdul Rahman said the Mongolians were monitoring the trial very closely.

“The Mongolian prime minister has written to the Malaysian Prime Minister three times but there is still no reply. Mongolia should not be taken for granted,” he said.

Altantuya's father Dr Shaariibuu Setev had earlier told reporters at the PKR headquarters here yesterday that Mongolia would sever political ties with Malaysia if the judgment in the high-profile Altantuya murder case was deemed “irresponsible and unfair.”

Dr Shaariibuu, who claimed he was conveying this message on behalf of Mongolia's Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister, said his country was tired of waiting for an outcome in the murder trial.

Taken from here where is originally from here.

So, what do we get here? A potential of losing diplomatic ties with Mongolia just because we are trying to save one of our big shot from getting his neck on the rope. We as well are responsible to take care of Altantunya kids for their studies and living until they are grown up as stated by international law. I cant imagine paying 2 kids living in Mongolia which i dont even have anything to do with them just because some horny, stingy and greedy bastard (over US 500K out of US 500,000,000) that are currently serving the nation. Here in Malaysia, we still have lots of kids that require good education and better housing but yet we prefer to go and pay for 2 Mongolian kids that got nothing to do with us directly but to only one of us. Oh okie... sorry... its our responsible because we actually voted for this man to represent us as our leader and when he makes mistake, it's actually our responsibility to be responsible for it.

So, why cant we actually support Malaysian kids who are in need instead of Mongolian? Well, we could, but still... "our leader" needs to go and fuck their (kids) mom's brains out first... and when he got bored with her and all the nagging.... then he will blow her up with C4... and then only IF those kids who lost their mother LUCKY ENOUGH... they will get support from government... if not? well, we can always accuse somebody else and use him as scapegoat. Hang him.. and then everybody will be happy. Well, not everybody.. the kids still lost their mother but at least they got their revenge by hanging the scapegoat. By the end, at least 2 people died :)

Summary, did we ever think about our leaders' moral values before selecting them as our leaders? With current issues from manslaughter, sexual scandals, robbing the nation blind, etc etc, we are actually that stupid who can't see them in a better view before selecting them. So, the one who lost is us and the one who win are them who are "holier than thou" and "the untouchables" (though only in India, Thailand and Philippine that they practice the untouchables. Now we have Malaysia in the list).

This article can make me:

  1. Blown to pieces by C4
  2. Killed by other means rather than C4
  3. Jailed under ISA
  4. Walked freely as a free man who can express his own opinion living in a free country which uphold moral values and respect
This article is result from:
  1. Dissatisfaction in how government being run
  2. Distressed by how low my ministers' moral values are
  3. Sympathy towards the victim of the unfair juridical system (reminds of Indian movies with bad policemen :D)
I love Malaysia and i'm proud to be Malaysian. I do not speak on behalf of anybody nor I would love to be known as Malay Malaysian. I'm just a Malaysian and my race is called Malaysian!! I oppose all those race chauvinist pigs who think that their existence in this world, on this land, in this country is meant for them and no other races are better than them. We are equal, living in the land of God, sharing resources and working side by side for a better life.

Roger and out..........

And now I pronounce you....

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And now you are to be known as Mr and Mrs Hazrul. :D :D

Tahniah kepada Hazrul dan Mel diatas majlis pernikahan dan kenduri yang berlangsung pada 5th April 2008 di Larkin JB. I shud had post this thread few weeks ago but i've been waiting for pictures to arrive first and here it goes. I'm so honored to be selected as a Best Men for the wedding. Princess was there as well with me and Abang Man from Penang. Again, i would like to wish "Selamat pengantin baru kepada kedua mempelai, semoga berbahagia hingga ke anak cucu." You all can reach Ajoy's and Mel's at this location. Below are some of the pictures of the wedding which as well can be reach from here for the rest of the pics. Enjoy the pics :)

Salam tangan Tok Kadi. Tok kadi tengah tahan sakit sebab kena gengam dengan kuat by Ajoy
Ajoy's brothers and cousin. Tall songkok yeah? Johor style :D

Ajoy's mom ready for her second daughter in-law :D
Rombongan with all the dulang in front of Seri Malaysia hotel. Tempat persinggahan :D
Best Man with his princess. The theme was green :D :D
All these with the outcome of.............................
Semoga berbahagia hingga keanak cucu

since that you are both just married... probably the article below interest you :)
:D :D

Sufiah Yusof

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I know it's a bit late to comment regarding this issue(that can be read here, here or here) but I prefer not to comment on this matter until I see the reaction of the public and government on it this. First thing off, we need to know that she's not a Malaysian. She may be was a Malaysian before but now she's British. She's a mixture between a Pakistani (Paki? :p :p) and a Malaysian. Public reactions are varies from people to people. Some people said we need to go and help her because she was originated from Malaysia (well, Che'nel too.. oh yeah.. she's not a prostitute. Actually there's a lot more Malaysian prostitute outside there but just that they happen not to be a math genius) and a Muslim (its Muslim's responsibilities to help other Muslim regardless of nationality).

Dr Mashitah Ibrahim(she actually stated before that it's ok to prostitute yourself if you cant find other way to support yourself financially and she's an Ustazah) proposed to government to set a team to fly to UK and bring Sufiah back to the right way. Well, I do agree prostitution is not the right way of life either morally or from religious point of view but, she's BRITISH. She's not even Malaysian even though she was but she's not anymore. That's my first point and the second one for godness sake are we morally good enough that we have to go to UK and try to help other people? Don't look too far, are our leaders morally good? Seriously. Then we look at rakyat, no prostitution in Malaysia? look at lorong Haji Taib, can you find any prostitute there? Karaoke bar? are there none of Malays/Muslim involved in prostitution either as client or running the business? Can we at least fix ourselves first before trying to fix other people or Dr Mashitah is just too blind to see what is happening here in Malaysia and at what level our morals are.

I oppose all type of useless money wasting campaign runs by government. Any campaign that's not bringing any value to public is a waste and should be stopped and this is one of it. The other are like those North Pole expedition and Everest expedition. I can't see any benefit of spending millions of dollars for those expeditions and very few rakyat is actually benefiting from it. Malaysian government is crazy.

Here is a comment from one of the reader on The Star and this an article from Malaysia Today regarding prostitution. It touches a bit on Sufiah story but telling us who's the real prostitute in this country. Read it and you will understand why did the author (Raja Petra Kamarudin) said it that way. As far as my understanding from the article, Dr Mashitah herself is a prostitute. She's selling her belief and moral for money and status which hopefully she can take it with her in afterlife. Hey, you can just pay me now and i'll burn you all those paper money, paper cars, paper houses for you later after you are dead. Promise, I'll do that.

New blog

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I've been thinking about creating this new blog for a while. I really need to start blogging about my IT experiences and knowledge so that it can be shared with all of the IT community. It's more of a portal where the knowledge can be shared and discussed between the professionals. This new blog will be focusing on C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET and probably a bit of Linux, XHTML and CSS on the side. Few other developments that I will put there including blogger template development, joomla or whatever language or application that I find interesting to develop. You may even request any topic that you want know more within my knowledge and if i'm free and able to help you then I would be happily explaining it to you in that blog for example; to explain Generic in Malay language and how to connect to Database using it. Yes, I would be happy to explain it to you provided it's within my knowledge (well, you can't expect me to know everything you know) and i'm not busy with something else.

Although my focus is always on .NET, i still consider myself as a dynamic technical guy who can take any languages that's thrown at him or any system/OS administration.

If you think My Technical Side is somewhere that you would love to contribute/write to, feel free to leave me a comment with your email and i'll be happy to include you as one of the contributor of the blog so that we all can post topics on the site. You can write about any technology that you want as long as its within the scope of IT. Automation? Aviation? Medical Science? Chemical Engineering? you got a wrong section dude. Language? it's either Malay or English. Other languages? Look somewhere else :) :)


Something to share with you :)

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Its pretty interesting where previously bloggers were labeled as jobless housewives who got nothing to do at home and end up writing some useless information on the net (well, you can find this issue on thestar.com.my.). By the end what we started to see is that several ruling party members already started blogging. Some here that I found and keep reading it from to time. Just wanna keep my mind straight. I dun exactly follow political party based on the name but I prefer to know inside out, read the opinions and understand their views so that I can make my decision.
Here's from Melaka to you

http://mohdalirustam.blogspot.com/ (which I doubt if he's the one writing this. He might had paid someone to write for him)

And from Selangor... try to read this post. This is the funniest of all:
http://drkhir.blogspot.com/2008/04/perubahan-kempimpinan-perlu-diikuti.html <+ Khir Toyo is asking PM to step down? WOW.. bwahahhahahhahahahha

Happy politicking. I can see that we are gonna see some interesting events in domestic political scene soon :D Who vote for me as minister of dangdut please raise their hands!!!!!

My Problem

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Well, if you guys expect something nice coming from this post after days of absent updating my blog then stop reading now. This is my complain about everything that has been in my head recently. Some are not even complain, just more off telling you whats in my head, that's all.

First, my financial situation hasn't been better since my last post complaining it. As you all might have guessed, my mom had been using most of our money on a "get-rich-quick" scheme (as that's how I would like to call it rather than "investment"). I do invest my money as well but i'm earning from it even though not much rather than my mom's crazy scheme. Now, we are really really on a hot soup. What I meant by hot soup is that it's too hot that if nothing changes in the next few days, we will be homeless here in KL. Its dead serious. With all of these useless furnitures inside my house, if moving out of the house is what gonna happen next please expect a lot of those crap shit end up in a river. I'm serious of it. My house just full of rubbish which my mom still reluctant to chuck it away which make my house really messy. Not that my house any better when im alone but just that the sense of having too much useless furnitures around me makes me headache. I can't even do work at home which the reason if I need to finish my work, i would rather do it in the office till early morning than staying at home. It's that annoying. Anyway, my eyes almost fill with tear when I heard the news bout my house. Thanks God that my life is going this crazy. I've been telling my mom since i was back in Australia when she started using my money for this stupid scheme to stop it. Invest money properly on Trust Funds or such but well... oh well... i'm fucked. Probably need to sell my ass after this to earn every fucking single cents to survive.

Apart from the stupid scheme which my family is involving in, nothing much had been happening that's really disturbing my head. It just that i have 3 projects that need to be done by 15th April. My weekend gonna be busy with working and yesterday, i had spend 20 hours of my 24 hours sitting on my chair in my office. I left my office at 5 in the morning. Yes, its that hectic and I got promoted as a technical manager for being good in what i'm doing. I'm not complaining about my work at all anyway as i'm happy with the way it goes right now.

Anyway, life sucks. Nothing going better in my life except my relationship and my career. The rest? i'm fucked.