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Its pretty interesting where previously bloggers were labeled as jobless housewives who got nothing to do at home and end up writing some useless information on the net (well, you can find this issue on By the end what we started to see is that several ruling party members already started blogging. Some here that I found and keep reading it from to time. Just wanna keep my mind straight. I dun exactly follow political party based on the name but I prefer to know inside out, read the opinions and understand their views so that I can make my decision.
Here's from Melaka to you (which I doubt if he's the one writing this. He might had paid someone to write for him)

And from Selangor... try to read this post. This is the funniest of all: <+ Khir Toyo is asking PM to step down? WOW.. bwahahhahahhahahahha

Happy politicking. I can see that we are gonna see some interesting events in domestic political scene soon :D Who vote for me as minister of dangdut please raise their hands!!!!!

4 Responses to Something to share with you :)

  1. man Says:
    cayalah aaa tem, bley buat bahan bacaan di tatkala bosan..oleh itu, saya tanpa bantasan dan agak2 utk melantik dan menyokong ko jadi minister of dangdut kedut kendut!
  2. Radius Says:
    sweet... dah ada sorang penyokong dah.... who else???? Dapat lagi sorang, boleh bubar parlimen dah nih :D :D
  3. Anonymous Says:
    saya! saya!

    saya sokong paklong..
    tapi apsal minister 0f dangdut?
    keh8.. dah tukar aliran ea..
  4. Radius Says:
    Tenkiu TZ... best best... nanti Pak Long lantik ngko jadik Deputy Minister of Dangdut. Man standard ar... loyal customer, siap ada membership card lagi :D
    Why dangdut? sebab dangdut best. Boleh gelek gelek :D :D
    Cheers guys

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