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I've been thinking about creating this new blog for a while. I really need to start blogging about my IT experiences and knowledge so that it can be shared with all of the IT community. It's more of a portal where the knowledge can be shared and discussed between the professionals. This new blog will be focusing on C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET and probably a bit of Linux, XHTML and CSS on the side. Few other developments that I will put there including blogger template development, joomla or whatever language or application that I find interesting to develop. You may even request any topic that you want know more within my knowledge and if i'm free and able to help you then I would be happily explaining it to you in that blog for example; to explain Generic in Malay language and how to connect to Database using it. Yes, I would be happy to explain it to you provided it's within my knowledge (well, you can't expect me to know everything you know) and i'm not busy with something else.

Although my focus is always on .NET, i still consider myself as a dynamic technical guy who can take any languages that's thrown at him or any system/OS administration.

If you think My Technical Side is somewhere that you would love to contribute/write to, feel free to leave me a comment with your email and i'll be happy to include you as one of the contributor of the blog so that we all can post topics on the site. You can write about any technology that you want as long as its within the scope of IT. Automation? Aviation? Medical Science? Chemical Engineering? you got a wrong section dude. Language? it's either Malay or English. Other languages? Look somewhere else :) :)


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