Sufiah Yusof

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I know it's a bit late to comment regarding this issue(that can be read here, here or here) but I prefer not to comment on this matter until I see the reaction of the public and government on it this. First thing off, we need to know that she's not a Malaysian. She may be was a Malaysian before but now she's British. She's a mixture between a Pakistani (Paki? :p :p) and a Malaysian. Public reactions are varies from people to people. Some people said we need to go and help her because she was originated from Malaysia (well, Che'nel too.. oh yeah.. she's not a prostitute. Actually there's a lot more Malaysian prostitute outside there but just that they happen not to be a math genius) and a Muslim (its Muslim's responsibilities to help other Muslim regardless of nationality).

Dr Mashitah Ibrahim(she actually stated before that it's ok to prostitute yourself if you cant find other way to support yourself financially and she's an Ustazah) proposed to government to set a team to fly to UK and bring Sufiah back to the right way. Well, I do agree prostitution is not the right way of life either morally or from religious point of view but, she's BRITISH. She's not even Malaysian even though she was but she's not anymore. That's my first point and the second one for godness sake are we morally good enough that we have to go to UK and try to help other people? Don't look too far, are our leaders morally good? Seriously. Then we look at rakyat, no prostitution in Malaysia? look at lorong Haji Taib, can you find any prostitute there? Karaoke bar? are there none of Malays/Muslim involved in prostitution either as client or running the business? Can we at least fix ourselves first before trying to fix other people or Dr Mashitah is just too blind to see what is happening here in Malaysia and at what level our morals are.

I oppose all type of useless money wasting campaign runs by government. Any campaign that's not bringing any value to public is a waste and should be stopped and this is one of it. The other are like those North Pole expedition and Everest expedition. I can't see any benefit of spending millions of dollars for those expeditions and very few rakyat is actually benefiting from it. Malaysian government is crazy.

Here is a comment from one of the reader on The Star and this an article from Malaysia Today regarding prostitution. It touches a bit on Sufiah story but telling us who's the real prostitute in this country. Read it and you will understand why did the author (Raja Petra Kamarudin) said it that way. As far as my understanding from the article, Dr Mashitah herself is a prostitute. She's selling her belief and moral for money and status which hopefully she can take it with her in afterlife. Hey, you can just pay me now and i'll burn you all those paper money, paper cars, paper houses for you later after you are dead. Promise, I'll do that.

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  1. ab Says:
    damn right, i think its better spend the duit rakyat on saving those drug mule in Malta than sufiah.
  2. Radius Says:
    Saving drug mules in Malta? Err... errr.. errr... Hahahahhaha
  3. man Says:
    Perkkk cun gak minah ni..bawak blk msia bley aa jadi escot highest class..ramai dah tu dato2 menuggu..
  4. Radius Says:
    bawak balik Malaysia tak boleh... nanti kena tangkap ngan JAWI... anyway those datuk-datuk tengah organize rombongan ke UK untuk 'mengkongsultasikan' si Sufiah nih. So, kalo ikut adat.. yang tua dulu... yang yg muda last. So, sekarang tengah berebut saper first dan saper last. Tak caya tanya Dr Mashitah hahahahhahahahahahahhaha
  5. Azyyati Says:
    google about sufiah and found ur blog, hell yeah I totally agree! those rescue missions are the stooopidest thing on earth, so stupid I began to suspect these fellas were just trying to make ways for a hideous vacation in UK... and not forgetting Mashitah- I really hate every craps she mumbled lately, that prostitution thingy tersangatlah bodoh

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