Understanding and decision making

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I miss my blog. I do miss my blog. Been busy with some unimportant shits in the last few weeks. Running here and there... did this and that. Wow, life is so much complicated if you make it so. Recently what had been bugging me is that, not much people understand me. I do understand people. Yeah I do, i do understand people that they do not understand me :D I guess im very weird and complicated that not much people know what im thinking and think that my next move is very unpredictable. So, lets see here... whoever understand me please raise his hand.............................. nope? ok cool... lets move to the next topic :D

I'm currently in the middle of...... making decision. Making decision for the next step in my life. Reaching 30 next year and it's a super huge thing for me. I know for some people reaching 30 mean nothing for them, same old same old.. sleeping.. driving to work and eat. Live life as it is and let your life sails. Well, i do that sometimes... when i was burden with too much trouble then I let my life sails by itself and somehow all problems seem to be vanished by itself. But my problem here is, GOAL. when I was early 20 I set myself a goal and i only have 5 more months to accomplished that. Well, its more than impossible to accomplished that right now but I DID work for it. I did work hard for it and I failed. It wont really affect me much that I failed (not yet, but its already impossible to accomplished), i really enjoy working for it as I worked hard, real hard and somehow my life has changed, my mentality has changed(well, I know lots of people hate this. Well, stick to the same level as you are right now then, good old good old slave), they way i work has changed and i really like it. It opens my eyes, let me think outside of the box and i'm out of the crowd (that's the main point. I dun wanna be common as every common people look the same to me. They act, they work and they think the same way). Will soon say farewel to my twenties and welcome my thirties...

My thirties, I will greet it with a change of career, marriage and new decent life. I'm already sick of Information Technology. Being a code monkey is not my thing anymore. Really sick of it that i'm thinking either to move into ERP (SAP probably doing functional instead of technical) or.. do sales. Sales can generate lots of money same with ERP. I'm still searching for a new career at the moment and i'll inform you later if I found one. No goal has been set for the next 10 years (40 years old). I'm still working on it at the moment.

Back to the understanding issue, I think there's only one person who understands me at the moment (as in not my enemy :D ). I'm not really sure if she really understands me as she knows what am i wanna do next 5 and 10 years, or just for the sake of.... chatting with me. But, we chat together and somehow she didnt complain that all these crap things (as some of you thought it is) that I said was confusing her, being too strict and serious or its something beyond her brain power to process. So, at least I know somebody who can accept all these things inside my mind and care to discuss it with me. For the rest of people who have problems understanding all these things, well.. we are just gonna be friends :) and i did tell you that i'm not trying to be common and i'm doing so not for the sake of being different (cause that will make me common as well) hahahahhahhaha. If you are confused now, probably next time when we meet we we all should shut our mouths. Afraid that some of your brain cells will burst if I open my mouth.

Here are some ideas that I have in my mind and I will stand by it. You tell me if you agree with it or not.

1) It's the responsibility of the husband to provide foods, clothing (thats including washing and ironing) and shelter (thats including cleaning and furnitures to the acceptable level of comfort). My solution is that, get a maid. I stand by this cause I read about it somewhere few years back and make me wonder why do women have to cook and clean? why do they have to do this? For me, if they voluntarily wanna do it that's cool and you can't even force them to cook and clean for you but might as well do it together at the same time. That seems more fun. But, its not their responsibility to do all these things and please you need this to be tatooed inside your brain with this. I already tatooed it inside my brain for a while already.

2) Everybody need to have goal in their life. Short term 5 years, mid term 10 years and long term 20 years. You need to have clear picture of what do you wanna achive within this timeline. My biggest nemesis would be answers like, "after married I just wanna stay home and take care of the kids". It must be followed with something decent if you really plan to do that. Be an investor, a writer or even a researcher if you could, if you wanna stay at home as long as your brain works. Being a "factory" producing babies IS NOT an option!!!!

3) Trust me: "Tell me who your friends are and I tell you who you are" really mean something. Look around you.

4) Getting married for the sake of paying your bills and run away from problems are not the reason why you should get married. Get married because you are ready and you want to. I'm still having dilemma about it and im not interested to share it with you about this one. Few things for sure, i'll get married with my own money as i wont loan or asking money from people, I'll get married when both of us are ready not only one of us, we only gonna get married because we want to and we are not trying to hide from something, someone or trying to solve problems

Well, these are some of the ideas and tell me what do you think about it. Do you have any idea that you stand with and totally out of common crowds way of thinking and wanna share it?

Have a nice day

ps: If you really wanna solve all your monetary problems, try to marry a Datuk or Tan Sri. Heard that people were saying, If you throw a rock into a group of people in malaysia, the possibilty of several of them to be Datuk are high. Talking about ego, names, positions and caste... i can rant about this for hours. Most(my disclaimer, do u understand the word MOST?) of these fuckers are meant to screw up this beautiful country. They were, they are and they will.

Few days ago I found my UCI card dated year 2000. OMG!!! my mind straight away flew back to those days... I dont even remember that i applied for one.

The back side of the UCI card. Sorry you cant read anything out of it. The pictures quality is so bad

My Fausto Coppi. Bought by my mom in 1999 for me. Had done thousands of kilometers on it. See the different rims between front and the back? The front one is Mavic Cosmic Elite and somehow the rear wheel broke while shipping it back to Malaysia. I paid AU 1K for that rim. Sigh..

The crown. Fausto Coppi. Its original Fausto Coppi with Columbus tubing. So old school but so nice to ride.

Top tubing with Fausto Coppi written on it.

The saddle. Its Selle saddle with Fausto Coppi stitched on it. Fausto Coppi San Marco. It sometimes give me shiver when i look at it. Its like pure adrenalin.

My shimano cycling shoes. The "tapak" is carbon. Very light to use for cycling but very bad for walking. I managed to fall several times while walking with this shoes. Licin

Some pictures

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Some pictures to share.. nothing much had been happening anyway

looking for motivation to wake up on sunday morning..... urgh....

Ajoy was saying that these pics are porn.. shouldnt show it to anybody. hahahahahahahaha jealous!!!

Somehow snaping your own pic can become addictive

Serious.. this is the last pic

Eric the 'Hero' sulking beside the road at Seri Kembangan after my smashed shuttlecock landed on the back of his head during badminton session. ADOI!!!!. Waiting at mamak for berbuka

Eric the 'Hero' is back... hungry as usual... Mr Sharepoint Expert. Roti banjir dua.... kuah dal yeah!!!!

Another sharepoint expert Mr Nick 'Nicklodeon'. He beat both of us "as in double while he's single" in a badminton game 40 - 30. Yeah.. we counted till 40 that day cause we (me and Eric) lost at 21 and we thought that if we dragged him till 40 he wont be able to make it. We were wrong. Eric was suggesting to count till 80. Bwahahahahahhaha

My LCD TV. The pic is not really that clear. What i did was.. get a VGA cable (couldnt find any DVI cable more than 1.8M) and connect it to my PC at home. So i have a 32 inch PC at home. It was just so cool playing Warcraft on it.

Thats all for now folks... see ya!!!

Cooking - Cucur Kentang

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Well, welcome to our first edition of Cooking with Chef Hatim. This series of cooking program is designed to our reader who wish to learn on how to cook. This series is for beginner cook who can't differentiate between cooking oil and frying pan the same way as how non IT people who cant differentiate between mouse and monitor.

In today's program we will be cooking Cucur Kentang. I believe that some of you might have heard of Cucur Udang, Cucur Ikan Bilis and Cucur Bawang but this my secret recipe called Cucur Kentang.

The Ingredients
Vegetable oil. Using feul either Diesel or Petrol are not recommended(Do not come back to me saying "woi.. tuh pun minyak jugak. Mak aku masak guna minyak angin lagi"). The oil need to be heated in a frying pan.

Frying pan with actual oil in it, not feul

Ask your vegetable store owner if you dont know how does potatoes look like.


Onion is a vegetable that look, smell and taste like onion. Ok good... now you get it

This is how onion will look like after being peeled sliced

Flour and Water
Wheat flour (tepung gandum) and water that already been mixed with salt. You can use sea water if you like but not recommended.

Tepung gandum and water that already been mixed with salt. No, i didnt go to any beach recently


1) Wash the potatoes, peel the skin off and cut it into dice. Please do not substitute potatoes with real dice. Nobody gonna eat it. Do the same thing with onion, peel it off and slice it. Mix them both inside a bowl

washed and diced potatoes

2) Pour flour and salted water(or sea water if its more accessible to you) inside the bowl where cut potatoes and onions are. Start mixing them well.. do not make it too hard or too soft. Too much flour will make our cucur very hard to eat.. and too much water will make it very lembek. Tak sedap makan. So start adding flour or water slowly to make the doh feels just nice.

mixed doh

3) Heat up the oil (Feul, if you are using one) in a frying pan.

4) Once the oil is hot enough. Scoop the mixed doh with a spoon and pour it to the frying pan like in the picture. Please make sure the fire are not too strong or if not it will be burned. While waiting for your cucur to be cooked, you can head out shopping, watching DVD or even mow your lawn.

Placing dough inside the hot oil frying pan to make cucur

5) A cooked cucur will change its colour to white - brownish golden brown (credit: zayck). I toss it using facial tissue paper that i sort it on top of a plate. It will drain the oil out from the cucur. Please note that overcooked cucur (or known as burnt cucur by professional chef) will look black and are not eatable. You are advised to donate it to your neighbour and hoping that she/he will hand back your plate with better food. :) :)

Well fried cucur

Burnt cucur that will soon be feed to your neighbour

This cucur kentang had been served to Ajoy and Mel for break fast with 100% satisfaction. Serve cucur kentang with chili sauce or peanut sauce (the one used in satay, yummy!!!)
Enjoy your meal!!!. Gemuk, if you think that you are the only one who can cook, look at my cucur

Too many things...............

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Too many things that had just happened
Too many things in my head

How my dad already started asking me money. Recently, he asked me for 10 grand and I said nope, I dont have it event though I do have it. He said ok, and last night he called me again asking me if I have 3 grand... well... giving a bit of thought then I decided to hand him that 3 grand. Will do the transfer tonight and he better remember that would be the last for him cause last night I almost told him this "Listen, lets just pretend we don't even know each other. do you mind to leave me alone? I dont even want to know your family." I wish if I could say that to him last night but since its Ramadhan and i still do have patience in myself. Anyway, any other demand after this he has to eat it directly into his face. Seriously.

Money. I need money. Money always a major problem in my life. My mom is coming back over here soon and I need a new car as she's taking back her Honda City. So, I need money for downpayment for a car. I'm reaching 30 soon and I guess that's a good time to get married. I'm trying to raise at least 30 grand for the marriage and hopefully I can get that money raised.

Miss Triple S. I dont know what to say but, I really hope that i'm not the reason even a bit to disturb your current relationship. It was nice going out with you but i wont stand in the middle of someone's relationship nor be the reason. He sounds like a nice guy to me.

Eta. Seriously, I hate distance relationship. I dont have much patience to wait and to hold my feeling of jealousy when someone that I like is few hundred miles away. Seriously. I dont mind about getting engaged and married next year, it's already in my plan when i'm reaching 30 but somehow for some reason, I still have a bit of doubt on you. Look like something is not right and I dont know what it is. Just afraid that I kena tipu again. Sigh...........

My guardian angel. I know that you love her but you can't trust her. You tried to kill yourself couple of nights ago and less than 24 hours, you already taking her out again. It's not that I hate her bro, no... i dont hate any of you. I respect your decision and I always support you from behind but after trying to kill yourself because of her and then taking her out again after that, that's a plain..... well bro, you know how do I feel. Right now, i'm leaving you to handle your own relationship problem. I don't think you need any external advice or whatsoever anymore. It just the same thing again and again and nobody learn the mistake.

My failed business transaction thats leaving me with 150K of debt. Fuck I need a new job.

Ramadhan is already here. I wish to ask forgiven from everybody that i've deal with and if there's any mistake and hurt feeling, please forgive me.


There will always be sunshine after the rain

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My story...........

Yeah... suddenly I found my rainbow and it was quite an experience. Yeah it was. I can't really remember when was the last time that I blushed(must be ages ago) but at that specific time, at that restaurant and facing her, I can hardly look at her face. The worse thing is that she's a lot younger than me!!!! Gosh!!! malu sampai rumah. I was supposed to be cool as i was, handling everything properly and be a gentleman but... ergh.. not at this time. I was super nervous till I cant even think what to say. So I end up listening to her instead while she do the talking :P :P. She has more energy than I can think off. To add more to the embarrassment, I arrived there with an unshaved face as i woke up late in the morning and more, Amran called me while we were in the restaurant and asked me "Woi... dating senyap-senyap eh?" and then I realised that he was sitting few tables behind me with his wife. Pergh.... malu to the max!!!! I just dont know how to describe the moment of last night... i was like blushed... malu... blushed.. malu... my face muscle just about to burst off trying to hold a straight face.... phew The power of Miss Triple S (she asked me not to use this name inside my blog, well... :P :P).... anyway first meet is at Nippon Tei and the next meet would be at steak house!!!! Only if she decides there would be a second one :p :p

I don't think I should say much about the girl that i'm dating at the moment. Seriously I believe I should only be sharing it with her. All that you need to know is that, she's beautiful, smart and very hard working (3 jobs in one time, who can beat that!!!!!) and she's my rainbow :) :)

Picture? sorry no picture... went to date not to do photo shooting :P :P

Still thinking which video clip should I put for this thread... was thinking Mutter from Rammstein as I like that song but nobody else I know like it hahahahahhaha i'll grab something softer... most probably Nouvelle Vague - In a manner of speaking (cover from tuxedomoon). I'll put it up tonight :)

Nouvelle Vague - In A Manner Of Speaking. One of my favorite band.

My biggest mistake

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Usually... when i'm desperate...............

i always end up making

a bad decision

a super huge bad decision


I might be in the middle of it at the moment

but not realizing it yet......

sorry if I purposely ignoring you at the moment


Marriage Proposal

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[Have to be removed due to unforeseen consequences. Sorry if you missed it out hahahhaha]

Didnt do anything much last long weekend. Was thinking of heading to Cameron Highland and spend some time up there but, everybody was busy and it somehow pissed me off big time as nobody to ride with me. can't believe that nobody is available for the day and because of that I decided not to go and since i didnt go.... none of us (Ajoy, Mel, Yus, etc) decided not to go there as well. I had enough of this I think. I'm gonna stay low after this and let me 'find' my place properly rather than trying to fit into peoples life and fail to do so.

My dirty car. Getting ready to head out to Cameron Highlands the next morning

Almost there

Sparkling clean but still didnt managed to go. Sigh....


p/s: I'll post some pictures tonight. Internet down here is damn slow to load blogger picture upload form