My biggest mistake

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Usually... when i'm desperate...............

i always end up making

a bad decision

a super huge bad decision


I might be in the middle of it at the moment

but not realizing it yet......

sorry if I purposely ignoring you at the moment


8 Responses to My biggest mistake

  1. ab Says:
    quick tip.
    dont make any decision when you:-
    hungry, DRUNK, after 145, desperate, in stress, sick/fever, in a club, hangover or dont take enough seafood, frankly people dont take seafood make bad decision.

    p/s: solat istiharah (more than once) before make any big decision.
  2. lsann Says:
    Hi..received this poem and thought it nice, so I dedicate it to you ha..

    Whatever your cross,
    whatever your pain,
    there will always be sunshine,after the rain ....

    Perhaps you may stumble,
    perhaps even fall,
    But God's always ready,
    To answer your call ...

    He knows every heartache,
    sees every tear,
    A word from His lips,
    can calm every fear ...

    Your sorrows may linger,
    throughout the night,
    But suddenly vanish,
    in dawn's early light ...

    The Savior is waiting,
    somewhere above,
    To give you His grace,
    and send you His love ..

    Whatever your cross,
    whatever your pain,
    "God always sends rainbows ....
    after the rain ... "

    Hope that it clears and sooths your mind, if you still have not sooth it by then! And wish I could pen a great rhyming one like that too..
  3. Radius Says:
    Thanks hey... but if i take more seafood, more sodium will be in my blood and my high blood pressure will rise. If my blood pressure is high, then I would be nervous and down then I cant make any decision :) :)

    Hey Sue,
    Thank you very much for the poem, it was very nice of you. :)

    Anyway I feel better now guys, end up dating somebody last night (5/9/2007) at KLCC and I feel a lot better afterwards. Probably I just need someone to speak to me and then i'll be ok. We'll see....

  4. Radius Says:
    One thing............
    I've been thinking should I or shouldnt I blog last night's date? May be I should... but what happened if she doesnt like it and then I have to remove it again and then she wont feel comfortable afterwards as I pen down everything that happened to me in my blog.

    Well..... uhm.. but u know how you are :)
  5. Anonymous Says:

    Allah knows what's best for us
    so why should we complaint
    we always want the sunshine
    but He knows there must be rain
    we always want the laughter
    and the merriment of cheer
    but our hearts will lose their tenderness
    if we never shed a tear
    Allah test us often
    with suffering and with sorrow
    He test us,not to punish us
    but to help us meet tomorrow
    for the growing trees are strengthened
    if the withstand the storm
    and the sharp cut of the chisel
    gave the marble grace and form
    Allah test us often
    and for every pain He gives to us
    provided we patient
    followed by rich gain
    so whenever we are down
    and whenever feel that everything is ... going wrong...
    it is just Allah's way
    to make our spirit strong
  6. Anonymous Says:
    Blog it! It IS your blog. Probably do mine later. Wanna know how much I sucked too haha =p
  7. lsann Says:
    We are going to have a 'berbalas pantun' competition in here.. =)
  8. Radius Says:
    Thanks to the first Ms Anonymous for the poem... :)

    To the second Ms Anonymous as I believe must be THE GIRL that i dated last night.. alrighty then... i'll post it up... gonna be a novel and i'll be looking forward to check it in your blog:D

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