There will always be sunshine after the rain

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My story...........

Yeah... suddenly I found my rainbow and it was quite an experience. Yeah it was. I can't really remember when was the last time that I blushed(must be ages ago) but at that specific time, at that restaurant and facing her, I can hardly look at her face. The worse thing is that she's a lot younger than me!!!! Gosh!!! malu sampai rumah. I was supposed to be cool as i was, handling everything properly and be a gentleman but... ergh.. not at this time. I was super nervous till I cant even think what to say. So I end up listening to her instead while she do the talking :P :P. She has more energy than I can think off. To add more to the embarrassment, I arrived there with an unshaved face as i woke up late in the morning and more, Amran called me while we were in the restaurant and asked me "Woi... dating senyap-senyap eh?" and then I realised that he was sitting few tables behind me with his wife. Pergh.... malu to the max!!!! I just dont know how to describe the moment of last night... i was like blushed... malu... blushed.. malu... my face muscle just about to burst off trying to hold a straight face.... phew The power of Miss Triple S (she asked me not to use this name inside my blog, well... :P :P).... anyway first meet is at Nippon Tei and the next meet would be at steak house!!!! Only if she decides there would be a second one :p :p

I don't think I should say much about the girl that i'm dating at the moment. Seriously I believe I should only be sharing it with her. All that you need to know is that, she's beautiful, smart and very hard working (3 jobs in one time, who can beat that!!!!!) and she's my rainbow :) :)

Picture? sorry no picture... went to date not to do photo shooting :P :P

Still thinking which video clip should I put for this thread... was thinking Mutter from Rammstein as I like that song but nobody else I know like it hahahahahhaha i'll grab something softer... most probably Nouvelle Vague - In a manner of speaking (cover from tuxedomoon). I'll put it up tonight :)

Nouvelle Vague - In A Manner Of Speaking. One of my favorite band.

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  1. Anonymous Says:
    I like making people malu... =)
  2. Anonymous Says:
    yeah...make him malu..again n again..;)..
  3. Radius Says:
    thanks to you and your friend. :) :)

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