Too many things...............

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Too many things that had just happened
Too many things in my head

How my dad already started asking me money. Recently, he asked me for 10 grand and I said nope, I dont have it event though I do have it. He said ok, and last night he called me again asking me if I have 3 grand... well... giving a bit of thought then I decided to hand him that 3 grand. Will do the transfer tonight and he better remember that would be the last for him cause last night I almost told him this "Listen, lets just pretend we don't even know each other. do you mind to leave me alone? I dont even want to know your family." I wish if I could say that to him last night but since its Ramadhan and i still do have patience in myself. Anyway, any other demand after this he has to eat it directly into his face. Seriously.

Money. I need money. Money always a major problem in my life. My mom is coming back over here soon and I need a new car as she's taking back her Honda City. So, I need money for downpayment for a car. I'm reaching 30 soon and I guess that's a good time to get married. I'm trying to raise at least 30 grand for the marriage and hopefully I can get that money raised.

Miss Triple S. I dont know what to say but, I really hope that i'm not the reason even a bit to disturb your current relationship. It was nice going out with you but i wont stand in the middle of someone's relationship nor be the reason. He sounds like a nice guy to me.

Eta. Seriously, I hate distance relationship. I dont have much patience to wait and to hold my feeling of jealousy when someone that I like is few hundred miles away. Seriously. I dont mind about getting engaged and married next year, it's already in my plan when i'm reaching 30 but somehow for some reason, I still have a bit of doubt on you. Look like something is not right and I dont know what it is. Just afraid that I kena tipu again. Sigh...........

My guardian angel. I know that you love her but you can't trust her. You tried to kill yourself couple of nights ago and less than 24 hours, you already taking her out again. It's not that I hate her bro, no... i dont hate any of you. I respect your decision and I always support you from behind but after trying to kill yourself because of her and then taking her out again after that, that's a plain..... well bro, you know how do I feel. Right now, i'm leaving you to handle your own relationship problem. I don't think you need any external advice or whatsoever anymore. It just the same thing again and again and nobody learn the mistake.

My failed business transaction thats leaving me with 150K of debt. Fuck I need a new job.

Ramadhan is already here. I wish to ask forgiven from everybody that i've deal with and if there's any mistake and hurt feeling, please forgive me.


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