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Well, welcome to our first edition of Cooking with Chef Hatim. This series of cooking program is designed to our reader who wish to learn on how to cook. This series is for beginner cook who can't differentiate between cooking oil and frying pan the same way as how non IT people who cant differentiate between mouse and monitor.

In today's program we will be cooking Cucur Kentang. I believe that some of you might have heard of Cucur Udang, Cucur Ikan Bilis and Cucur Bawang but this my secret recipe called Cucur Kentang.

The Ingredients
Vegetable oil. Using feul either Diesel or Petrol are not recommended(Do not come back to me saying "woi.. tuh pun minyak jugak. Mak aku masak guna minyak angin lagi"). The oil need to be heated in a frying pan.

Frying pan with actual oil in it, not feul

Ask your vegetable store owner if you dont know how does potatoes look like.


Onion is a vegetable that look, smell and taste like onion. Ok good... now you get it

This is how onion will look like after being peeled sliced

Flour and Water
Wheat flour (tepung gandum) and water that already been mixed with salt. You can use sea water if you like but not recommended.

Tepung gandum and water that already been mixed with salt. No, i didnt go to any beach recently


1) Wash the potatoes, peel the skin off and cut it into dice. Please do not substitute potatoes with real dice. Nobody gonna eat it. Do the same thing with onion, peel it off and slice it. Mix them both inside a bowl

washed and diced potatoes

2) Pour flour and salted water(or sea water if its more accessible to you) inside the bowl where cut potatoes and onions are. Start mixing them well.. do not make it too hard or too soft. Too much flour will make our cucur very hard to eat.. and too much water will make it very lembek. Tak sedap makan. So start adding flour or water slowly to make the doh feels just nice.

mixed doh

3) Heat up the oil (Feul, if you are using one) in a frying pan.

4) Once the oil is hot enough. Scoop the mixed doh with a spoon and pour it to the frying pan like in the picture. Please make sure the fire are not too strong or if not it will be burned. While waiting for your cucur to be cooked, you can head out shopping, watching DVD or even mow your lawn.

Placing dough inside the hot oil frying pan to make cucur

5) A cooked cucur will change its colour to white - brownish golden brown (credit: zayck). I toss it using facial tissue paper that i sort it on top of a plate. It will drain the oil out from the cucur. Please note that overcooked cucur (or known as burnt cucur by professional chef) will look black and are not eatable. You are advised to donate it to your neighbour and hoping that she/he will hand back your plate with better food. :) :)

Well fried cucur

Burnt cucur that will soon be feed to your neighbour

This cucur kentang had been served to Ajoy and Mel for break fast with 100% satisfaction. Serve cucur kentang with chili sauce or peanut sauce (the one used in satay, yummy!!!)
Enjoy your meal!!!. Gemuk, if you think that you are the only one who can cook, look at my cucur

17 Responses to Cooking - Cucur Kentang

  1. lsann Says:
    You are so mad!!! You can do a "Cucur for Dummies" book, for real dumb dummies with every picture possible. Never seen a so well documented cooking experience! Loved the burnt cucur the most!! Really lol-ing to myself like a fool at work. Keep up the good job.
  2. Anonymous Says:
    "Burnt cucur that will soon be feed to your neighbour"

    sib baik tak jadik ur neighbour..huhuuhuhu..
  3. zayck Says:
    btw its golden brown, not 'white - brownish'. so amateurish but good try =p
  4. Ajoy & Mel Says:
    Pergghh! We were there to test the cucur kentang. I tell you, he has gone the extra mile with the kentang. Sedap siot! Sampai skarang teringat lagi. Shit! Puasa ni! Sedap!

    Bravo Tim! I now know how to cook Maggi Goreng and Cucur Kentang now!

  5. Radius Says:
    Oh yeah.. had fun doing it... might be cooking it again soon... anyway... i'll be updating my page with few more foods recipe soon. Among on the menus are, how to make tea, how to cook instant noodles, how to make boiled egg and how to steam frozen pau.
    By the way... check the testimonial from Ajoy and Mel. Hahahahahha See!!

    Thanks Zayck for the heads up.
  6. lsann Says:
    Wahh..really that good ah? Must be something he put in the batter til everyone's vouching for Pak Tim's Cucur.
    Ok ok, I believe...or else all the supporters of the "Perghh" gang will lambast me over here! "Pergh" gang shares the same taste =)
  7. Anonymous Says:
    4.5 stars from me...:P
    breakfast in ramadhan?????? confusing...or is it means sahur?... :P :P
  8. Radius Says:
    Breakfast and break fast is totally a different thing. Breakfast = sarapan pagi and break fast=berbuka (bukan brek kereta laju laju). Anyway.. do you mind to introduce yourself?

    Thats 4.5 rating is out of what? out of 5? 10? 100? :P :P
  9. lsann Says:
    Eleh..he's teaching people now the difference between break fast and breakfast. Told you it was confusing! Then u curi my definitions!
    4.5 stars out of 4.
  10. Anonymous Says:
    oppsss 1st glance seems like "breakfast"...2nd time it's really look like "break fast" (ayat cover) ...kwang kwang...
    4.5 out of 100...:P :P
  11. Radius Says:
    Hahahahhaha everyone wanna cover their back.... including me. Sorry la Sue.... okay.. the DEFINITION / DIFFERENCE of BREAK FAST w BREAKFAST was told to me by Sue Ann. So, all the credits goes back to her. :P :P :P (mooning) bwahahahahahhaha
  12. lsann Says:
    Everyone wanna cover their back(side) no (mooning) here cos it doesn't work!
    I'm pretty darn good at definitions!
    Yeah luckily u gave him a 4.5 out of 100, or else he buntut kembang! Dahlah suka (mooning)..? Padan muka!Muahahaha..
  13. Anonymous Says: to Sue Ann...
    ....this for mr hatim...bwakakakakkaka...(gelak sambil guling2 atas lantai)
  14. ab Says:
    you can put some beer in the batter or mayones, try dip it with American mustard for a change, you wont need 145 session if you take it regularly.
  15. Radius Says:
    Well... beer battered is popular in australia usually for fish and chip..... but.. never heard of mayonnaise. I did it again last night but this time i add anchovies as well... not a bad idea seriously. Yummy!!!! American mustard?? uhm... welll.... well... uhmm.... nah.... how about wasabi instead? Hatim style... berasap hidung hahahhahahahaha
  16. lupie Says:
    This is cute!!!!
  17. Radius Says:
    thanks Lupie :) :)

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