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Some pictures to share.. nothing much had been happening anyway

looking for motivation to wake up on sunday morning..... urgh....

Ajoy was saying that these pics are porn.. shouldnt show it to anybody. hahahahahahahaha jealous!!!

Somehow snaping your own pic can become addictive

Serious.. this is the last pic

Eric the 'Hero' sulking beside the road at Seri Kembangan after my smashed shuttlecock landed on the back of his head during badminton session. ADOI!!!!. Waiting at mamak for berbuka

Eric the 'Hero' is back... hungry as usual... Mr Sharepoint Expert. Roti banjir dua.... kuah dal yeah!!!!

Another sharepoint expert Mr Nick 'Nicklodeon'. He beat both of us "as in double while he's single" in a badminton game 40 - 30. Yeah.. we counted till 40 that day cause we (me and Eric) lost at 21 and we thought that if we dragged him till 40 he wont be able to make it. We were wrong. Eric was suggesting to count till 80. Bwahahahahahhaha

My LCD TV. The pic is not really that clear. What i did was.. get a VGA cable (couldnt find any DVI cable more than 1.8M) and connect it to my PC at home. So i have a 32 inch PC at home. It was just so cool playing Warcraft on it.

Thats all for now folks... see ya!!!

13 Responses to Some pictures

  1. lsann Says:
  2. Anonymous Says:
    "Ajoy was saying that these pics are porn"...emmm...hei Sue Ann what do u think?
  3. Radius Says:
    What Sue Ann thinks? allow me to answer... i think that PP comment from her means.... PORN PICS!!!! hahahahahahhahahahha
  4. lsann Says:
    Yeah..pandai pun!But hey PP wasn't Porn Pics that day! Give you a chance to answer this query personally.
  5. Ajoy&Mel Says:
    Can't.... stay..... here.... any.... longer!..... I don't..... want... to be... a... gay!.......

    Sheesh dude! This one will only attract girls... I'm having my gender confuse moment for a while!


    P/s: Who dat anonymous lah?
  6. Anonymous Says:
    heiii ajoy n mel...both of u must stay away from him...ngeh ngeh...
    who am i? just a little girl from the earth...bwahahahahha... ;)
  7. Radius Says:
    Dude.. what do u mean? I'm not gay!!! perfectly straight!!! huh!!!

    Think that anonymous is Suetz, one of Sue's friend
  8. Anonymous Says:
    Astaghfiruallah'alaziimm...batal pose aku tgk gambar tu...-man-
  9. Radius Says:
    Woit Man..... batal pose??? macam ngko tuh pose.... boss ngko cakap dia nampak ngko makan nasik dengan kangaroo blakang semak tadi.... kari smalam lagi.. bwahahahahhahah. woi.. balik Malaysia la wei... Malaysia ada ayam percik... rendang.... lemang... pergh.. raya dah dekat.. makan ketupat cicah rendang best nih... ketupat ketupat ketupat bwahahahahhahaha padan muka
  10. lsann Says:
    Ajoy and Mel, the girls are not attracted, only the gays are!
    Anonymous is not Suetz, probably a secret admirer who has fallen for these PPs.
    Woi! These pics are inviting lots of controversy!
  11. Radius Says:
    Bwahahahhaha I love controversy.... :P :P :P... so u were saying those pics only attracts gay hey? We'll see about that!!! :D :D
  12. ab Says:
    show us ur nipple, amik gambo bawah sikit lah, baru keras.
  13. Radius Says:
    Now i can hear you Gemuk. Where have u been hiding all these time? underground ar? Senyap all the time, macam busy..... :D :D :D If you want nipple go visit gay porn site la...

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