Life... in Malaysia... or anywhere in general

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Life in general currently sucks. Not mine.... I think mine is a lot better than average.I already have everything (material) that I need. Car, house, furnitures, etc and the best thing is... no single loan!!!!. I can't complain anymore how my life should be and I really thank God for this. Alhamdulillah.
Just now my X SMS'ed me... not really my X but double X as in XX. We broke up some times ago and she was asking me if I have any loose change. She's having problem paying her car insurance. She was asking for loose change.. not a loan. That means she doesnt wanna pay back. I called her back and ask her how much does she really need and she said roughly about 700 bucks should be enough. 700 bucks for a loose change, you really need to earn at least ten of thousands ringgit every month to be able to afford to have a loose change as much as 700 bucks. Anyway I said... I'll have a look around and see if I can find something under the table.
Arrive back home and check my bank account.. yup.. salary already in :) :) and transfered to her 1K. Hope thats enough to make someone happy for a while.
This thread is not about telling you readers how nice I am (even though I AM NICE). But, how we are heading specifically Malaysia.
For me... Malaysia is currently in its worse position. How expensive it is currently to live and how low the pay is. I'm not comparing Malaysia with Indonesia... but with similar status country or better. Look at India, 20 years ago... where were they? and now? Malaysia is almost 20 years back behind Singapore and what we had done to catch up with it? Singapore only has PORT to give them money and we have lots of natural resources.. lots of lands...
What Malaysia had done? It really pissed me off to read and listen of what been happening at the moment. Corrupt politicians and incapable government. I really hope that we are already at our worse and after general election (thats supposed to be coming soon) life gonna get better. I really cannot stand the way our life is going at the moment. Only politicians and their family who are earning at the moment and we all end up being burden by their fucking expenses. One thing if you all havent realised yet.... government are running from our money!!! for goodness sake... select a proper government you moron!!!! Choose at least your government to be nationalist(Republic of China, Republic of North Korea; it's funny how I always have a feeling that communist government are MORE sincere than democratic government,etc) or businessmen (Singapore, USA, Hong Kong, etc) not sharks (thats what we are having at the moment, they are clever enough to steal money from public but stupid enough when trying to cover it up)

Sorry was a bit emotional.

Have a nice day

The update

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ok.... here's the story of my first date with [Somebody].

We met yesterday (24th July) for dinner. I picked her up at KLCC lobby and we agreed to have Japanese for dinner and end up at Nippon Tei. Was trying hard not to bump into any Accenture / Avanade guys while there and lucky me... didnt meet anybody that I know. The dinner went pretty well and we chatted a lot. Talking about experiences and yada yada. Oh yeah, before meeting her yesterday... I did a bit of 'research' on her on the net. Was reading her stuffs and see what she looks like before and you know... a bit of checking. The funny thing is that her status is taken (in a relationship). During our conversation, I didnt even try to push anywhere further regarding her feeling about me or stuffs... more like... yeah.. where did you study.. what did you do before (even though i've read those information already on the net) and yeah.. nothing VERY personal that we talked last night. After dinner, I drove her back to her place and nothing happend really. All went like nothing happened between us compared to my first email asking her out.

Well, what do I think about her? phew... one thing for sure... im getting old. She's kinda type of girl who go clubbing often and party a lot while im a type of a guy who prefer to sit in a bar and enjoy my evening with friends rather than on the dance floor. She's kinda energetic.. laughing around... very outgoing... while i'm more kinda of person who would rather smile than laugh and pretty much of a home boy rather than outgoing person. So, if you ask me... there's lots of differences between us (doesn't differences supposed to be good?) that if i'm end up with her after this... there wont be much that attracts me to her except her beauty and physical appearance (well... what's wrong with that??? I'm being honest after all)

This is my definition of girlfriend (AT THIS CURRENT AGE). Somebody who can cool me down, make me a better person and be more responsible by TRYING TO UNDERSTAND AND COMFORT HER. So, what I'm are looking here is that... somebody who's not as crazy as me and will lead me to a better future... emotionally. Well... somebody that I can married to. Well, somehow this meeting straightening me up a little. Showing me what I want for the future and where should I be standing at the moment.

Last but not least... have fun enjoying Feuer Frei :: Rammstien... and Rock This Party :: Bob Sinclair and have fun being confused... caused that's how I feel at the moment. It feels like putting both Rammstien and Bob Sinclair together... yucks...

Actually some of the above are lied.... i'm still waiting for her reply email regarding yesterday date night :( .


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Well.... it was Amran's birthday party last Friday and we all end up at Jian Sern's place. It was such a nice time catching up with everybody.. joking and have fun. We were having BBQ with a bit of alcohol and salads.
Well, the reason of writing here is not to talk about the party but, my love life. While I was barbecuing the foods there's few girls came over and leaving some remarks about me. The remarks was a bit sexually related or... more as.. they were looking for more attention from me. Well, only one girl thats really caught my attention that night and that was [somebody]. She's cute and lovely. With her short and spaghetti top... no man could turn their head away. After the BBQ we went upstairs and continue our night with a game of poker. Me being a chicken shit rejected to play but end up tag teaming with [somebody] instead (nice move hey??? :p :p). We played until 4 in the morning and then we all decided to head home. [Somebody] end up being drove by Nicholas and I drove myself back home.
Somehow for some reason I didnt feel anything at all that night. Have no feeling of courting [somebody] at all. It was more of... well... i'm having fun... thats all... and I feel nothing until... sunday morning when I wake up and suddenly I felt..... why didnt I court her? Why didnt I offer to drive her back home that night? Uhm... I think I should.
So I sat down with my laptop on thinking of dropping he an email. I dont have her mobile number thats why I need to mail her instead. I can easily get her mobile number from my colleague but... I prefer to get it from her by myself.
After sitting down and think, I still not sure what to do. The question is that not really what to do in order to contact her... but what to do once I got her. I just not sure what else to do once I have a girlfriend. I had enough problems already previously with girls and somehow my heart is telling me that headache is coming soon. So.. the problem here is should I email [somebody]or not?

Think I should.. bwahahahhahahahha
Will inform you people later about the outcome.........


Oh well...

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Yeah.... life goes a bit ok right now. But, for an optimist (as one of my friend called me) can't complain much.... here and there. I'm driving to my dad's hometown tonight (Sik, Kedah) that's gonna take me a good 6 hours of driving. Lucky that my cousin Zaki wanna come around and asking me to drop him at his parent's house at Sg Petani. At least I wont be bored driving alone. Anyway, I had diarrhea few days ago. Was kinda bad... but somehow it made me happy. Do you want to know why? Sometimes when i am free... free as in... happy... no money problem.. nobody annoying me... good health... I thank god. I'm not a good muslim which I cant even remember when was the last time that I prayed but one thing for sure I know how to be thankful. Yeah, I was thankful when I am free from anything that's giving me headache and when came the diarrhea, i found it interesting. I was like.... cool... I have diarrhea!!!! Hahahahhahaha....
I somehow think that it was a blessed to suffer for a while. I took medical leave from my office, didnt even go to a clinic but end up in a convenience store with a bottle of coke, root beer and 100 plus (my mom said that 100 plus is a good remedy for diarrhea). I drank lots of water... hot tea... warm barley and have a good rest... yeah.. it helps :p :p :p
I went back home from office around 12 midday and then slept the whole afternoon. Woke up roughly at 6.. watch TV... took a light dinner and continue again my sleep around 11 at night and one miracle thing happened to me that night (no... not that one hot angel came down and let me hump her... that might be the devil himself instead) . I had a dream. What kind of dream? I dunno... can't even remember it but its not something complicated or whatever... just some relaxed dream. What kind of dream is not the main issue here but, I haven't had dream in years!!!! It's kinda nice by having dreams... its like having TV in your head and you just enjoy it and let it flow without even staring at the tube. It was a blessed.... I felt happy when I woke up... energized... wow......................
Anyway guys.... just one thing... whatever your belief is... and no matter how good or bad you are towards your belief... just be thankful. Somebody is watching us up there and for sure you dont want to mess up with him anytime. Be thankful with whatever you got... and if you have some extra loose change... give it away to the one who needs it more than you do. Well after you die.. there's no use of having millions of dollar inside your bank and let some bastards spending for you instead :p

Have a nice weekend

The break up

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Well, it all went almost smoothly. I spent my weekend with xxx by going to Genting Highlands spending our Saturday there and then came back down to KL and spent our night at my place. We woke up late almost midday on Sunday and then hang out at my house for a while until afternoon and then head to Subang and end up at The Curve in Damansara. We had our dinner there and we enjoyed each second of our time together there.

She cried yeah.... once before we left my place and then at the car park at The Curve before I left her. Told her that I wont be contacting her again and wont be replying to her SMS anymore. It just that for the sake of her marriage. Still a week to go and she better has a straight mind on it.

She told me to quit drinking, smoking, coffee, less red meat and take care of my diet and health. Just because recently I went to doctor and he told me that I better start taking care of my diet as blood pressure suddenly shooting sky roof. Yeah... at 29 and having a high blood pressure. Fuck life.

Well, im still missing her today. Nobody for me to call in the morning to wake her up, nobody to report to that i'm already safely arrived in my office and no one to pick me up in the morning when im super drunk in the middle of KL. Sigh.

I'm an alcoholic. Yes I am.

All the best to you all