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Well.... it was Amran's birthday party last Friday and we all end up at Jian Sern's place. It was such a nice time catching up with everybody.. joking and have fun. We were having BBQ with a bit of alcohol and salads.
Well, the reason of writing here is not to talk about the party but, my love life. While I was barbecuing the foods there's few girls came over and leaving some remarks about me. The remarks was a bit sexually related or... more as.. they were looking for more attention from me. Well, only one girl thats really caught my attention that night and that was [somebody]. She's cute and lovely. With her short and spaghetti top... no man could turn their head away. After the BBQ we went upstairs and continue our night with a game of poker. Me being a chicken shit rejected to play but end up tag teaming with [somebody] instead (nice move hey??? :p :p). We played until 4 in the morning and then we all decided to head home. [Somebody] end up being drove by Nicholas and I drove myself back home.
Somehow for some reason I didnt feel anything at all that night. Have no feeling of courting [somebody] at all. It was more of... well... i'm having fun... thats all... and I feel nothing until... sunday morning when I wake up and suddenly I felt..... why didnt I court her? Why didnt I offer to drive her back home that night? Uhm... I think I should.
So I sat down with my laptop on thinking of dropping he an email. I dont have her mobile number thats why I need to mail her instead. I can easily get her mobile number from my colleague but... I prefer to get it from her by myself.
After sitting down and think, I still not sure what to do. The question is that not really what to do in order to contact her... but what to do once I got her. I just not sure what else to do once I have a girlfriend. I had enough problems already previously with girls and somehow my heart is telling me that headache is coming soon. So.. the problem here is should I email [somebody]or not?

Think I should.. bwahahahhahahahha
Will inform you people later about the outcome.........


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