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ok.... here's the story of my first date with [Somebody].

We met yesterday (24th July) for dinner. I picked her up at KLCC lobby and we agreed to have Japanese for dinner and end up at Nippon Tei. Was trying hard not to bump into any Accenture / Avanade guys while there and lucky me... didnt meet anybody that I know. The dinner went pretty well and we chatted a lot. Talking about experiences and yada yada. Oh yeah, before meeting her yesterday... I did a bit of 'research' on her on the net. Was reading her stuffs and see what she looks like before and you know... a bit of checking. The funny thing is that her status is taken (in a relationship). During our conversation, I didnt even try to push anywhere further regarding her feeling about me or stuffs... more like... yeah.. where did you study.. what did you do before (even though i've read those information already on the net) and yeah.. nothing VERY personal that we talked last night. After dinner, I drove her back to her place and nothing happend really. All went like nothing happened between us compared to my first email asking her out.

Well, what do I think about her? phew... one thing for sure... im getting old. She's kinda type of girl who go clubbing often and party a lot while im a type of a guy who prefer to sit in a bar and enjoy my evening with friends rather than on the dance floor. She's kinda energetic.. laughing around... very outgoing... while i'm more kinda of person who would rather smile than laugh and pretty much of a home boy rather than outgoing person. So, if you ask me... there's lots of differences between us (doesn't differences supposed to be good?) that if i'm end up with her after this... there wont be much that attracts me to her except her beauty and physical appearance (well... what's wrong with that??? I'm being honest after all)

This is my definition of girlfriend (AT THIS CURRENT AGE). Somebody who can cool me down, make me a better person and be more responsible by TRYING TO UNDERSTAND AND COMFORT HER. So, what I'm are looking here is that... somebody who's not as crazy as me and will lead me to a better future... emotionally. Well... somebody that I can married to. Well, somehow this meeting straightening me up a little. Showing me what I want for the future and where should I be standing at the moment.

Last but not least... have fun enjoying Feuer Frei :: Rammstien... and Rock This Party :: Bob Sinclair and have fun being confused... caused that's how I feel at the moment. It feels like putting both Rammstien and Bob Sinclair together... yucks...

Actually some of the above are lied.... i'm still waiting for her reply email regarding yesterday date night :( .

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  1. AB Says:
    damn man, wat wrong wif you, you aint cool no mo man, those indonesian song like poison, u getting soft man, if this happened 4 years ago i would say go fuck a cow or somthin.
  2. Radius Says:
    I'll actually will pay to see you fuck a cow. Bwahahahahahahhahahahahha. You have a nice day. I'm getting soft. No more partying... thinking of lay down and chill.

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