Life... in Malaysia... or anywhere in general

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Life in general currently sucks. Not mine.... I think mine is a lot better than average.I already have everything (material) that I need. Car, house, furnitures, etc and the best thing is... no single loan!!!!. I can't complain anymore how my life should be and I really thank God for this. Alhamdulillah.
Just now my X SMS'ed me... not really my X but double X as in XX. We broke up some times ago and she was asking me if I have any loose change. She's having problem paying her car insurance. She was asking for loose change.. not a loan. That means she doesnt wanna pay back. I called her back and ask her how much does she really need and she said roughly about 700 bucks should be enough. 700 bucks for a loose change, you really need to earn at least ten of thousands ringgit every month to be able to afford to have a loose change as much as 700 bucks. Anyway I said... I'll have a look around and see if I can find something under the table.
Arrive back home and check my bank account.. yup.. salary already in :) :) and transfered to her 1K. Hope thats enough to make someone happy for a while.
This thread is not about telling you readers how nice I am (even though I AM NICE). But, how we are heading specifically Malaysia.
For me... Malaysia is currently in its worse position. How expensive it is currently to live and how low the pay is. I'm not comparing Malaysia with Indonesia... but with similar status country or better. Look at India, 20 years ago... where were they? and now? Malaysia is almost 20 years back behind Singapore and what we had done to catch up with it? Singapore only has PORT to give them money and we have lots of natural resources.. lots of lands...
What Malaysia had done? It really pissed me off to read and listen of what been happening at the moment. Corrupt politicians and incapable government. I really hope that we are already at our worse and after general election (thats supposed to be coming soon) life gonna get better. I really cannot stand the way our life is going at the moment. Only politicians and their family who are earning at the moment and we all end up being burden by their fucking expenses. One thing if you all havent realised yet.... government are running from our money!!! for goodness sake... select a proper government you moron!!!! Choose at least your government to be nationalist(Republic of China, Republic of North Korea; it's funny how I always have a feeling that communist government are MORE sincere than democratic government,etc) or businessmen (Singapore, USA, Hong Kong, etc) not sharks (thats what we are having at the moment, they are clever enough to steal money from public but stupid enough when trying to cover it up)

Sorry was a bit emotional.

Have a nice day

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  1. AB Says:
    i got a lot of spare change and tyre too, i put all my change in my danone biscut tin and its getting havear everyday

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