Some candid pics....

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I never own a real camera in my life. Never, ever. So, the only camera that i've ever own is the one thats attached to my mobile. Its kinda interesting to have it as I can snap whatever I want whenever I want it and end up with few candid pics.... enjoy

Gender Discrimination
Well I know that I'm in Malaysia not Afgnanistan or Iran and never thought that gender discrimination does exists here in Malaysia but.. yeah.. thanks god now we have UNISEX Driving Academy!!!! They support both genders!!!!

Working Hard
I know that everybody work hard. Yeah, we do work hard for our current job and this are my friends pictures showing them how hard they were working sincerely from my own trusted mobile phone

Chin Kee 'The Boss' hard at work
Nick 'Nicklodeon' hard at work
Walter 'The Walter' hard at work
Xi Bing 'No funny name' hard at work

so u all can see how busy our project is that the rest of other projects do envy us. :) :)

You all have a nice day

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  1. Anonymous Says:
    erk! kagumnya...
  2. Radius Says:
    hahahhahaha kagum kan? best tul project nih hahahahahhaha

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