Observing Sg Klang

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Well, i actually never pay attention to Sg Klang until recently when my project team room moved to a room with Sg Klang view. I somehow get a bit sentimental with it and kinda its interesting to watch over time. Here are my observations to Sg Klang sof ar from my project room.


Photo-0004 Photo-0001 Photo-0002 Photo-0003

  Photo-0001 Photo-0002 Photo-0003 Photo-0004 Photo-0005 

As you can see from the pictures above how Sg Klang banks were overflow with rain waters during heavy rains. Lucky that the elevated highway walls are quite high thus preventing the water to go and flood the roads.




When Azman post a post regarding fishing and cat fish (ikan keli), i told him that he doesnt need to fly so far away to catch cat fish where it can be caught from Sg Klang. From the pictures above you can see that people arrive in van and car and then they jump into the water with net on their hand to catch fish in Sg Klang. The water is damn dirty and contaminated anyway. You might catch AIDS by having contact with the water hahahhahahahahahhahahah

Thats all that I can report regarding Sungai Klang hahahahhahaha

Friday Evening

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Well, today had been real busy. Since morning we were pushing hard for today’s deadline and lucky me that I managed to finish it couple of hours before the end of the day. Well, since that i have a lot of time before pushing off meeting the guys of RX8ClubMalaysia  at PJ, I decided to post more pictures to my blog. Here are some pictures that I snapped recently.


Happy baby princess at Digital Mall USJ.  We were having dessert after brunch and can be seen here she was having glutinous rice ball with soy milk. Hey, the picture that she’s holding the spoon with the rice ball is KIUK!!!


Photo-0005 Photo-0006 Photo-0010    Photo-0016

My kittens with their furniture that were bought by my mom. As u can see, 3 stories cage and a scratching pole for them to scratch. Can you imagine how much does that cage cost? RM 550!!! yikes!!!!! My mom is good at spending money, as good as me.

Thats all for now.

Have a good weekend

Baby Princess, The star and yuen steamboat buffet

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After picking up my Princess from her place at Klang last Sunday, we were kinda mati kutu what to do until we decided to have lunch at Yuen Steamboat restaurant (Mentari Court, Sunway) and catch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button afterwards. Instead of only both of us having lunch, I decided to call Lawrence and his girlfriend and Ajoy to come and join us for lunch. It was a nice lunch, full to the maxed (I even skip dinner that day :D ) and we managed to catch up a lot of what had happened recently and had a good laugh by the end. Oh yeah, thanks to Lawrence for the lunch (somehow he decided to buy us all the lunch, orang kaya baru naik gaji).

While waiting for everybody to arrive, Princess did managed to snap a picture of a car parking wrongly at the car park and sent it over to The Star newspaper on that night. Know what? it get published :D :D Below is the picture and here is the link to The Star page. This is the second time that Princess’s picture being published on The Star. The first one was around 5 months ago and landed her Rm 50 from the publication house!!!! Niceeeeeeee……………


It has been a while

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Well, it has been a while since i last write anything over here. Life has been good except some few changes on how my life goes. I dun really feel like writing much so, enjoy the pictures below.


The Going

 Photo-0001 Photo-0002 Photo-0003

Thanks to the guys for all the time and help at Branded3. The pictures above were taken at Kenny Rogers at Tropicana City (?), Damansara during my farewell lunch.


The Coming

 Photo-0027 Photo-0028

And a new place for me


Moroccan Adventure

Photo-0024 Photo-0023Photo-0025 Photo-0026 

Lunch with my Mom at a Moroccan restaurant. Pictured here are Chicken Tajine and Lamb Couscous. Mama makan dengan penuh semangatnya :D :D

The restaurant is called Tajine Restaurant and can be visited here.


The kittens

The kittens are doing well. There are so much to share about them actually, just that i don’t have much time to write about them. Its hard to snap pictures of them while they are awake as they keep running and jumping around those all pictures came out blurred. So, the easiest pictures would be while they are sleeping :)

Photo-0004 Photo-0005 Photo-0006 Photo-0007 Photo-0008 Photo-0009

Sleepy garlic trying to hold from sleeping and finally ended up sleeping on a chair :D :D


 Photo-0015 Photo-0016

Lazy onion taking a free ride on top of mama’s foot


 Photo-0018 Photo-0019

The sleeping sisterhood


 Photo-0029 Photo-0030 Photo-0031Photo-0032

Favourite spot to sleep after a hectic day of running around.  Garlic, Ginger and Onion are on the pictures above while budak manja Pepper prefer to sleep on my lap instead. :D


Well, there’s a lot more to tell about them though like the 3 stories apartment bought by my mom for them and then hand me over the bills (i have yet to snap the picture of the apartment) and about the diet and toys…. there are tonnes of stories bout them anyway. Anyway, i’ll post it up later…..