Baby Princess, The star and yuen steamboat buffet

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After picking up my Princess from her place at Klang last Sunday, we were kinda mati kutu what to do until we decided to have lunch at Yuen Steamboat restaurant (Mentari Court, Sunway) and catch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button afterwards. Instead of only both of us having lunch, I decided to call Lawrence and his girlfriend and Ajoy to come and join us for lunch. It was a nice lunch, full to the maxed (I even skip dinner that day :D ) and we managed to catch up a lot of what had happened recently and had a good laugh by the end. Oh yeah, thanks to Lawrence for the lunch (somehow he decided to buy us all the lunch, orang kaya baru naik gaji).

While waiting for everybody to arrive, Princess did managed to snap a picture of a car parking wrongly at the car park and sent it over to The Star newspaper on that night. Know what? it get published :D :D Below is the picture and here is the link to The Star page. This is the second time that Princess’s picture being published on The Star. The first one was around 5 months ago and landed her Rm 50 from the publication house!!!! Niceeeeeeee……………


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  1. babysue Says:
    It was Timmy who asked me to snap. Another case of tai saek (worth loving) =) Didnt get the RM50 this time but still it was good that it got published!
  2. -Azman Mashor- Says:
    bangang gile ingat kereta api ke hape parking camtu? aku ingat nak parking basikal aku camtu gak much u think the star would pay u? haha

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