Observing Sg Klang

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Well, i actually never pay attention to Sg Klang until recently when my project team room moved to a room with Sg Klang view. I somehow get a bit sentimental with it and kinda its interesting to watch over time. Here are my observations to Sg Klang sof ar from my project room.


Photo-0004 Photo-0001 Photo-0002 Photo-0003

  Photo-0001 Photo-0002 Photo-0003 Photo-0004 Photo-0005 

As you can see from the pictures above how Sg Klang banks were overflow with rain waters during heavy rains. Lucky that the elevated highway walls are quite high thus preventing the water to go and flood the roads.




When Azman post a post regarding fishing and cat fish (ikan keli), i told him that he doesnt need to fly so far away to catch cat fish where it can be caught from Sg Klang. From the pictures above you can see that people arrive in van and car and then they jump into the water with net on their hand to catch fish in Sg Klang. The water is damn dirty and contaminated anyway. You might catch AIDS by having contact with the water hahahhahahahahahhahahah

Thats all that I can report regarding Sungai Klang hahahahhahaha

5 Responses to Observing Sg Klang

  1. The Devil Says:
    Pictures shot from Vedel IT Services Sdn. Bhd. @ Megan Avenue II? :D
  2. Radius Says:
    hahahha jealous!!! How do u know?
  3. babysue Says:
    IT people are scary. they find ur blogs, they find where u work and one day they are outside ur doorstep!
  4. Radius Says:
    If suddenly Lawrence appears in front of my house uninvited, i will release all of my kittens to chase him away. They all garang wan especially ginger!!!
  5. -Azman Mashor- Says:
    weh tem, next time bawak aku ke port sungai kelang ni. menarik gak ni dpt ikan kasik semua anak2 kucing ko makan..amcam? hahah

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