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Since i'm bored, I'm gonna write you bout my google trick. Its not really my google trick as almost everybody knows about it but, its a cool stuff. What is it for? uhm.. I always use it to download songs and MTVs and combined with FreeDownload Manager, you will get your songs in no time. Ok.. this is how it works... you do the search, navigate through each result of the search and once found it, download it using freedownload manager.

Downloading MP3
The search string should be something like this:
intitle:"index of" aerosmith crazy mp3 size

what does it mean? Intitle means that we are looking inside the page title for string index of. Index of is one of the value for the page title of the directory listing. So, actually we are browsing the directory listing. After index of, we can put our parameters, the more complex our parameters is.. the less result will we received. So, try to make it as simple as possible like if you are looking for Good Charlotte - Keep you hands off my girl, you might wanna type "good charlotte hand girl" instead. MP3 means we are looking for MP3 songs, and size is for narrowing down our results so that the word size is included in the page (Directory listing always have a column called size). Once you've found what you wanted (i've always found more that what I wanted), right click on the song and download it using download manager.

Downloading MTV
The search string for MTV would go something like this:
intitle:"index of" aerosmith size avi or mpg or wmv or mpeg

The paramaters are self explanatory except the extension that we are telling google that we are looking for avi or mpg or wmv or mpeg files. Actually by using this search string, you can find more video files but... havent tried that.

Have fun googling

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