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Last month I requested to Chin Kee for a different project. Current project is getting slow and not much task left for me at the moment. More, i'm not really interested in Microsoft Sharepoint (I dont know why, somehow I feel that its just another scheme from Microsoft to squeeze money from Microsoft users for a stupid product). Chin Kee spoke to Amran (my project manager) and he decided to put me into Shell project that is currently based in Cyber Jaya. I heard that Shell project is quite intense at the moment as the earliest they leave the office is 8PM and usually they stay up until 11 or 12. Sounds a bit crazy yeah? So, I said ok.. send me to Shell and Chin Kee said my contract with my current project will finish by the end this month (August 2007) and afterwards i'll be heading to Shell. Schweeeeeeeeet.
Yesterday, Chin Kee informed me that my current client for my current project decided to extend my contract till March next year. Uhm... I sat down and think and ask him back; "what kind of task does this project still have for me?" and he answered back; "We'll look something for you. They just dont want to let you go". Well, I don't want to complain.. so i decided to stay here and see. More over,I won't be based in Bangi anymore after this as they'll move us to Dayabumi starting next month. There goes my RM 1K mileage claim every month. Sigh :p :p
Spoke to Matt last night. He's still in China and busy with his promotions. He's planning to make babbello runs in Chinese version. He's meeting with some China's investors today and will try to persuade them into investing Babbello. He had been telling me since the last few months that he wants me to be in Shanghai soon and wants me to run the company instead of him. That fucker wanna retire early (buy an island and setup a bar with only topless waitress, I still remember that buddy). I'm a bit reluctant to join him anyway. I already got a house full with furnitures, a car, and a life down here in KL. Might as well stay here but money is always good on the other side (I can earn as much as 5 times more up there than what i'm earning down here). Still thinking though.

Something unrelated:
If you ask me, Is it happeniness by owning an Electric Blue Skyline R34 GTR? I would answer YES. Sigh........... i want one. I saw this Skyline at Petrol Station nearby my house couple of days ago.


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  1. AB Says:
    the man who stalk car for a hobby, i might take it up as well.
  2. Radius Says:
    Gemuk jeles ngan aku sbb aku ada hobby dan lebih hensem dari dia :p :p :p

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