The break up

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Well, it all went almost smoothly. I spent my weekend with xxx by going to Genting Highlands spending our Saturday there and then came back down to KL and spent our night at my place. We woke up late almost midday on Sunday and then hang out at my house for a while until afternoon and then head to Subang and end up at The Curve in Damansara. We had our dinner there and we enjoyed each second of our time together there.

She cried yeah.... once before we left my place and then at the car park at The Curve before I left her. Told her that I wont be contacting her again and wont be replying to her SMS anymore. It just that for the sake of her marriage. Still a week to go and she better has a straight mind on it.

She told me to quit drinking, smoking, coffee, less red meat and take care of my diet and health. Just because recently I went to doctor and he told me that I better start taking care of my diet as blood pressure suddenly shooting sky roof. Yeah... at 29 and having a high blood pressure. Fuck life.

Well, im still missing her today. Nobody for me to call in the morning to wake her up, nobody to report to that i'm already safely arrived in my office and no one to pick me up in the morning when im super drunk in the middle of KL. Sigh.

I'm an alcoholic. Yes I am.

All the best to you all

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  1. AB Says:
    STOP LISTENING TO INDONESIAN SONG, damn its killing your mind.
  2. Radius Says:
    oh... shut up.... even though i listen to them.. but i don't even know the name of the singer and the song name... unlike you... you even know who they are... hahahhaha anyway.. go Ramstein go!!!!

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