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Last few weeks had been busy and lazy. Very busy entertaining people around me (especially xxx) and lazy to update my blog. Lots of shits happening like meet a new friend (Ajoy's friend in the first place) called Yudish and we went out together and drink. It was hell nice night we spent together finishing Jack Daniel at M Bar. Mama already flew to Ireland and will only come back by the end of October, already sold my Kancil and now driving my mom's city. xxx will get married next week (7/7/2007) and tomorrow (saturday, 30th June 2007) is the last day we gonna see each other and after that I'm gonna let her go. Its a bit sad.. especially after all the time that we've spent together and then just letting her go just like that but... well.. she's somebody fiance :p. Just bought an FM transmitter for my car that can reads MP3 from a thumbdrive and broadcast it for radio. Its such a cool stuffs except the quality that not as good as running the MP3 from CD for the car stereo. Anyway.. its convenient and easy to use, no MP3 CD burning anymore.

The MP3 player / FM transmitter that I bought for my car

Cute kid sitting in a trolley while his mom check in at airport

Yudish enjoying his night at M bar. I have another jackass friend. :D

You all... have a nice weekend

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    im not gonna fix the grammar and wording on this post as my head wasnt straight when I wrote those :p :p

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