Sex is cheap in KL

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Sex is super cheap in KL where honesty is nowhere to be found. If you think that im a crazy, wild guy just wait till you arrive here in KL and look at their girls.... im totally not up to their standard of craziness. I'm currently with a girl who's engaged and getting married by 07/07/2007 who has friends that all of them has more than 1 boyfriends and one of them is getting married by 3rd June 2007 and still sleeping with somebody else. Even her married sister is still dating her X boyfriend behind her hubby's back!!!! I guess KL Casanovas are not talking about how many girls are they dating at the same time but whose fiance are they sleeping with and the closer to the date of the marriage the higher the respect is. Oh well... I just feel like i'm totally out of place, I might have to consider properly before looking for a girlfriend after this or else.... I might got killed while im down here...

Me as a guy... I feel sorry for all those innocent boyfriend of theirs.... wish them all the best

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  1. Arlene Says:
    hey hatim! glad to know you're "kinda" fine. interesting post, this one. hehe.
  2. Radius Says:
    Hahahahha thanks for dropping by Arlene. I'm sticking to stay weird hahahahah you have a nice day
  3. ab Says:
    another hatims propaganda "why i shuold stay here longer"
  4. Radius Says:
    oh yeah??? i guess im a bit "culture shocked" while im here... sorry for trying to be "jakun" hahahahahahha. Anyway how do you explain this "i might heading off back to Aussie soon. Now mary is looking for opening down there for me" :p :p :p :p So... do you want to "sapu" my home theater and LCD TV? hahahahahhaha
  5. Anonymous Says:
    You should start having almost married girls, while your young.... you're talking like an oldman.. enjoy life.. don't be too wear...


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