Marriage Proposal

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[Have to be removed due to unforeseen consequences. Sorry if you missed it out hahahhaha]

Didnt do anything much last long weekend. Was thinking of heading to Cameron Highland and spend some time up there but, everybody was busy and it somehow pissed me off big time as nobody to ride with me. can't believe that nobody is available for the day and because of that I decided not to go and since i didnt go.... none of us (Ajoy, Mel, Yus, etc) decided not to go there as well. I had enough of this I think. I'm gonna stay low after this and let me 'find' my place properly rather than trying to fit into peoples life and fail to do so.

My dirty car. Getting ready to head out to Cameron Highlands the next morning

Almost there

Sparkling clean but still didnt managed to go. Sigh....


p/s: I'll post some pictures tonight. Internet down here is damn slow to load blogger picture upload form

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