Things had been disturbing

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Yeah... things had been disturbing recently. Life is bloody annoying sometimes. I've been overshooting my budget over the roof for 2 months straight. Damn!!!!. 2 months straight. We are not talking about hundreds... we are talking about thousands of ringgit over the budget. These are the people who are currently in my head

My Dad
He's trying to get into my sister's and my life. He's the one who had gone missing for ages and suddenly just try to jump into our life talking about our responsibility into him and his family. He's the one with the kampung mentality that I need to get married soon and he's more than happy to find one(wife) for me. Wish if I can tell him to stuff that into his ass in front of his face. He's the one who have problem telling his children (my step younger brothers and sisters) to read their books to get ready for their exams, but he decided to come and give me a speech about responsibility. He brings problems trailing behind him and he must be mistaken me with somebody from a welfare organization.

My X
Yeah... not that I hate her because she got married. But, as my principle of life, Don't look for trouble, if you have more than you can handle. Now, she's married and almost everyday she calls and telling me how her marriage is going down, how she missed me, how she shouldnt do that in the first place and she should be with me instead. Oh yeah.. i'm sorry.. that guy is a anak datuk. Now stuffs that anak datuk in your life and you get hell right?. Serve you right. I'm feeling sorry about your stupidity. Probably you should do better in school. Too bad its too late. You just need to remember one thing... i'm not anybody from welfare organization and i dont often pick up leftovers. Now live with it.

My family and friends
How grateful I am to have such a wonderful mother, she's a very strong single mother who raised me and my sister to the current level where we are and previously married to an asshole. The further thank you to my mummy Mary who understand almost everything in my life and so open to the level I can discuss with her which girl i like best and because of what *wink* *wink*. She's the closest of someone from outside of my family circle to be called mummy. Ajoy for being the one who stands up for me where ever I am and how stupid i would be and Gemuk for being the coolest guy around (if you gonna reply to this post with "apa yang ngko merepek nih Hatim?" then better dun reply, I got it already).

Spoke to Sue(Sue Ann not Sue Hong) today and she was saying something that i'm currently "soul searching". Im not really sure what did she really means by soul searching. What kind of soul? My own lost soul? a soulmate? Whatever she means, she might be the one who understand it as I just dont want to think more of it and more, I dont really know who's the person behind the name Sue Ann Lee as well. Never met her before. We just converse through Skype and that might be the best way for both of us as well I guess. Merdeka holiday is coming soon, was thinking of heading to Cameroon Highlands and drink some nice fresh cup of tea up there. Might do that, might as well not. We'll see.

Start updating my resume again and this time i'm gonna start sending it to Australia again. Might be back in Brisbane soon. Malaysia is kinda funny.

Enjoy "Hey there Delilah" from Plain white Ts


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  1. ab Says:
    to good to ignore this but "apa yang ngko merepek nih Hatim?", masalah ko akan selesai kalau ko solat subuh, itu aje. mcm bagus kan
  2. Radius Says:
    pedih tuh brother.... pedih
  3. Anonymous Says:
    Yes tem, u'r always welcome back to brisbane..bleh mengopi di milton!jgn la plak ajak si halim tu..skuter aku rindu kat die!
  4. ab Says:
    a lodown on ur sensitive subject,
    aku bukannya suka nak sakit kan hati orang, tapi biasanya bila aku terus terang orang kecik hati, dalam bebanyak gf ko tuh, walaupun aku tak jumpa semuanya, aku nampak ko ngan x yg kat australia paling ideal, aku tak tau lah itu pendapat aku aje, tapi yg nyatanya ko sedang melalui fasa dimana ko rasa ko keseorangan dan memerlukan seseorang, tapi dalam masa yg sama ko tak dapat lupakan hubungan ko dengan x ko yg kat australia, sbb dia perempuan yg paling rapat ko pernah kenal, sedangkan ko rasa tertipu sbb dia ada affair dgn aku LoL, so nasihat aku ialah, semua org buat kesilapan tak kira besar atau kecil, tapi besarmana pun kesilapan diorang pintu kemaafan tuh masih ada, walaupun dia tak terbuka, ko kena belajo buka pintu tuh, tak semua org dlm dunia nih perfect termasuk ko, aku tau ko claim diri ko perfect, tapi aku lagi pandai masak dari ko mcm mana ko boleh claim ko perfect, dan lagi satu ko kena ingat kat mana pun kita berdiri atau duduk atas dunia nih masalah ko akan ikut ko, ko jangan merosak kan diri ko sbb nak melupakan masalah, sbb makin kita nak lupakan makin lekat masalah tuh dgn kita, ini pendapat aku yg ikhlas yg tak berbelah bagi ko jangan kecik hati, kalau ko kecik hati mmg nak kena hempuk.
  5. Radius Says:
    Well... thanks Gemuk. I appreciate your advice especially you were "there" when I was back there in Australia. You were not advising based on some baseless story. So, that's cool but, you missed out something. Let me tell you the part that you were missing to complete the whole story. On the final day we were together, I sent her to Brissie Airport for her to take her flight to Sydney and I did ask her and that was the honest answer of all.

    Q: Do you think this will work again as before?
    A: Nope

    Q: Will we be back together again?
    A: As friends

    Q: Will you be continuing your relationship with him?
    A: Yes I will (even though as I heard right now, they are not together)

    So.. you tell me.. how should i react to this? Forgiveness is nothing, it can come anytime provided the cure is sufficient (not that im asking her to pay my 150K loan to the bank). It was just a PLAIN BACKSTABBING dude and proud of it. No question ask.

    Yes, you were right. She is one of the closest girl to my life and none of my X'es are that close to me compared to her even though how many times I hump them but the way they handle it that just pissed me of. Still wearing her ring and necklace though.

    Running away from problem is always an option for me even if that involves moving out of the country. I'll do that if it's needed.

    p/s: I've never claim myself as perfect but I always claimed it as "Aku lagi best dari ngko sebab aku hensem ngko tidak" :) :)

    Thanks for the advice.
  6. ab Says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  7. Radius Says:
    Thanks... i think I wont be contacting her soon. Gonna leave her with her life... I'll see how is my new / current relationship goes... i dont think I really need to head down to Australia unless stuffs down here really requires me to do so.
  8. ab Says:
    be strong man, stop destroying urself, u know where to find me
  9. Ajoy&Mel Says:
    WTF? How come did I miss this? Fuiyooo! Alim! Biar betik ko nih? Cam tuh ke ko advise Hatim kat Aussie dulu? Giler keras siot! I know you guys go wayyyy back in the kangaroo land... with that hot french chicks too! As your housemate! Knuckle bite! Damn!!! :)

    You know, I am just an outsider I only agree with AB on the last entry... "be strong man, stop destroying urself, u know where to find me too!"... And dude, I think we have talked about this before too. So you know my input. Steady bro!

    Plus, thanks for saving me from lying in my own puke lately. I can't thank you enough for traveling 80 plus km in just 10 minutes by just one little line in Google Talk... hellpppppp....

    Thanks bro!

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