And now I pronounce you....

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And now you are to be known as Mr and Mrs Hazrul. :D :D

Tahniah kepada Hazrul dan Mel diatas majlis pernikahan dan kenduri yang berlangsung pada 5th April 2008 di Larkin JB. I shud had post this thread few weeks ago but i've been waiting for pictures to arrive first and here it goes. I'm so honored to be selected as a Best Men for the wedding. Princess was there as well with me and Abang Man from Penang. Again, i would like to wish "Selamat pengantin baru kepada kedua mempelai, semoga berbahagia hingga ke anak cucu." You all can reach Ajoy's and Mel's at this location. Below are some of the pictures of the wedding which as well can be reach from here for the rest of the pics. Enjoy the pics :)

Salam tangan Tok Kadi. Tok kadi tengah tahan sakit sebab kena gengam dengan kuat by Ajoy
Ajoy's brothers and cousin. Tall songkok yeah? Johor style :D

Ajoy's mom ready for her second daughter in-law :D
Rombongan with all the dulang in front of Seri Malaysia hotel. Tempat persinggahan :D
Best Man with his princess. The theme was green :D :D
All these with the outcome of.............................
Semoga berbahagia hingga keanak cucu

since that you are both just married... probably the article below interest you :)
:D :D

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  1. Radius Says:
    sorry for the layout.. somehow this stupid template doesnt really like tables... :(
  2. Ajoy&Mel Says:
    lol! Dude, thank you for sharing the news. Gambo Halim tak banyak la. Ada satu je. Tu pun kecik. Tak padan dengan badan dia... :D

    And thank you for sharing the URLs. Gonna check em out soon. Making babies time. Kalau murah rezki ada la. But right now, keep on trying. :)


  3. Radius Says:
    halim that photogenic... sebab tuh la... kan Lim kan?

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