My Problem

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Well, if you guys expect something nice coming from this post after days of absent updating my blog then stop reading now. This is my complain about everything that has been in my head recently. Some are not even complain, just more off telling you whats in my head, that's all.

First, my financial situation hasn't been better since my last post complaining it. As you all might have guessed, my mom had been using most of our money on a "get-rich-quick" scheme (as that's how I would like to call it rather than "investment"). I do invest my money as well but i'm earning from it even though not much rather than my mom's crazy scheme. Now, we are really really on a hot soup. What I meant by hot soup is that it's too hot that if nothing changes in the next few days, we will be homeless here in KL. Its dead serious. With all of these useless furnitures inside my house, if moving out of the house is what gonna happen next please expect a lot of those crap shit end up in a river. I'm serious of it. My house just full of rubbish which my mom still reluctant to chuck it away which make my house really messy. Not that my house any better when im alone but just that the sense of having too much useless furnitures around me makes me headache. I can't even do work at home which the reason if I need to finish my work, i would rather do it in the office till early morning than staying at home. It's that annoying. Anyway, my eyes almost fill with tear when I heard the news bout my house. Thanks God that my life is going this crazy. I've been telling my mom since i was back in Australia when she started using my money for this stupid scheme to stop it. Invest money properly on Trust Funds or such but well... oh well... i'm fucked. Probably need to sell my ass after this to earn every fucking single cents to survive.

Apart from the stupid scheme which my family is involving in, nothing much had been happening that's really disturbing my head. It just that i have 3 projects that need to be done by 15th April. My weekend gonna be busy with working and yesterday, i had spend 20 hours of my 24 hours sitting on my chair in my office. I left my office at 5 in the morning. Yes, its that hectic and I got promoted as a technical manager for being good in what i'm doing. I'm not complaining about my work at all anyway as i'm happy with the way it goes right now.

Anyway, life sucks. Nothing going better in my life except my relationship and my career. The rest? i'm fucked.


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  1. man Says:
    dunno if this might help u: "grow more bean in your house n furniture..and more oxygen will create and u will find you peace there.."-quote from Tarzan 1969-
  2. Radius Says:
    Wow bro... how come i've never thought of this? Thanks... this is really gonna help. How about if i grow balak in my house instead? would it be better and more I can sell it later after 100 years and for sure will make lots of money for me :D :D

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