Raja Petra on TV1

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For whoever missed the blog tv show on TV1 last April 28th, you can view it here. Raja Petra was on TV and RTM1 got owned by him. Hahahahahhahahhahaha http://www.malaysia-today.net/2008/content/view/6726/1/ Click here to watch it.

Total viewers for this specific show was 666,102 viewers and 208K people per minute. The number of people watched the show was higher than the weeks before. These numbers are correct as obtained by one of my trusted sources from a media research company. Thank you to you :D

You better watch as.. especially when Raja Petra called the host as... Communist hahahahhaha you better watch it.... RTM1 got owned and labeled communist by Raja Petra... hahahahhahah

Anyway my comment... the host is really have no idea what is he talking about... for example by giving comment that "itu mungkin kerana akhbar ini tertakluk kepada akta syarikat, tak gitu?" and kena lambast back from RPK by replying "taaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkk............ its printing press and publication act..... akta cetak." Apala.... host pun bodoh hahahahahhaha


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  1. Anonymous Says:
    stupid host... kah8

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