Of what i've been singing.............

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Of what i've been singing,
Again and again,
Of life and fate,
Future and past,
Again and again,

Of what i've been singing.......
Family and love,
Hatred, sacrifice, swindle, trust, money, attention, help, Australia, Mummy Mary and support

Of what i've been singing.............
Career and future,
MCTS, .NET, XP, VISTA, UNIX, UBUNTU SUCKS, dreams and money

Of what i've been singing.....
Relationship and jealousy,
Trust, betrayal, comfort, understanding, marriage, sex, breaking up again and again and adaptation

Of what i've been singing....
Life and financial ability,
House, car, investment, health, relationship, friends, sluts, heaven or hell, good or bad, alcohol and knowledge

Of what i've been singing...
World and politic,
Illuminati, world war III, politic is dirty, genocide, UMNO, PKR, PAS, DAP, jews, corruption and America

This is not a love song, this is not a love song, I don't speak my mother's tongue, no!! this is not a love song

We are living in America or at least one of it's shadows.
We are an opportunist which take every opportunity around us by hook or by crook.
Runner up is a first place loser.
Money buys everything including love.
Masturbation and orgasm is healthy.
Knowledge has no limit.
Stupidity has its advantages and intelligence kills.
Global warming is real and each single of us are contributing for it.
Life is not real unless you are mentally challenged.
Too many people around me who are so good in everything that they do which available anytime to give me free consultation on how should I manage my financial, life and relationship even though their situation is worse than me. Thank you.

Cause when my VTech kicks in, my RPM on red, that's when my life starts, where nothing around me does matters anymore. I lead my own life.

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