Anwar Ibrahim

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Anwar Ibrahim is one of the World's Most Influential Person in 2008 as cited by Time's Magazine. The first muslim (as he's ranked 9th of the list) listed for this year as stated here. I'm not a big fan of Anwar. Never a fan of him actually. For me, UMNO members always an UMNO member either they still there or not thus have the same feeling towards PKR. For me, PKR is just another party to be used by X-UMNO members as stepping stone towards the government position or at least, making lots of money. It just because they can't succeed properly while in UMNO (because other sharks already controlling all the projects and monies) then they try to use PKR just in case one day PKR end up in power then they can start sucking citizen's blood from it. Well, by the end what choice do I have? As i truly believes, last elections does not mean that rakyat wants PKR, DAP, PAS(except Kelantan for sure) to rule BUT they are just sick and tired of BN. Thats all. So, basically if these alternative parties are not performing within the next 4 to 5 years to serve people properly, they will be buried alive till our grandchildren would not even know that these parties did exist.

These are the blogs/websites that I think worth mentioning not in particular order that worth reading to have a fair view of what had been happening around:
Uncle Zorro: he's cool
Muhammad Taib: The son of Muhammad. I hope that he already started learning English. It's really unacceptable if you can't speak English nowadays when you are among the top post in the country. Try to learn some english during your free time yeah?
Sun2Surf: Kinda interesting website. Worth reading
Pas Johor Bahru: with their ideology of 'Negara Islam' and the approach towards it, good luck. For me, Negara Islam is the same thing with Islam Hadhari, political and gimmick. It's all in the implementation that matters. Branding is just for losers and when you are trying to woo a mentally challenged people. Be nice to every race in Malaysia and they will pay you back with their votes and start branding this and that and try to say something that people do not understand then you will scare everybody away and people will try to blame you as extremist. Stop doing that then you'll be doing good. Malaysia are not for malays.... get that right.
Jeff Ooi: A blogger turned civil servant serving Penang. He had been through some rough times to bring justice to the victimized.
Mahathir Mohammad: At last. Something that had been waiting for a while. He might be one of the most corrupted leaders that Malaysia has had but, what he had done to Malaysia is what Malaysia is today. Some of his antics are not forgivable while some changes that he had done to Malaysia is unbeatable. He's a devil at worse and he's a saint. A nationalist to me sometimes.
Mohd Ali Rustam: Another coward from BN. He blocked comments from his blog cause he can't answer it but still worth reading to know what's in his mind.
Khir Toyo: The one who plays with the pig farm issue recently and by the end, the government found out that it was him who approved the project prior to PKR taking over the state. Now he just keep quite probably counting how many pigs can he raised from the project. He's among the few UMNO top leaders who has the guts to ask Abdullah to step down. The rest? I think Rafidah has bigger balls than them... if Rafidah dun have any then... well... they are worse hahahhaha

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