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This blog is temporarily changed to Tribute to Emily :: Patiently Waiting For the Birth until the fever is off. The Emily name was taken from here. Regards to the owner. I'm still eagerly waiting for the birth and hoping that everything is fine. Princess is eagerly waiting as well as i know it. :D :D

The birth might go through.... or might go not as the successful percentage is somewhat in the middle. So, I won't elaborate much on it until I see her out and alive.

Patiently Waiting...............

May 6 Morning:
Got called today around 10AM. Still no news about Emily. I'm hoping to get news about her somewhere this afternoon. Urgh... all this waiting is killing me.... I'll keep updating you about Emily on this post. Keep checking this spot

May 6 Afternoon: By 4:30PM, no calls to Princess nor any other call came to me since the last call this morning. Princess asked me to ask gatekeeper bout the status, I decided to wait for 1 more day before asking the gate keeper about Emily's status.

May 7: 10 AM. Gatekeeper called. Emily almost on hand but I need to sacrifice a bit. My dignity and believe especially. Phew.... anyway I already confirmed with him asking him to deliver Emily to me and Princess was shouting with joy when i told her that :D

May 7: 2PM Looking very positive that Emily is gonna show up soon :D Money suddenly showing up :D

May 8: Paid this and that. Signed this and that. Looking forward either saturday or monday to my my Emily

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  1. man Says:
    Puiyoooo..congrates in advance aa Tem...dah nak ade anak rupenyer..
  2. Radius Says:
    Hehehehhe tenkiu bro... tenkiu.... ngko pulak bila ndak beranak? ops... ngko jantan.. orang jantan mana beranak hahahahhahahah
  3. Ajoy&Mel Says:
    Ape kebende Emily nih? Movie ke game? Kalau game, PS3 dah kuar blom? :P hihihi...

  4. Radius Says:
    well.. it shud remain a secret for now... if it manages to be born... then everybody shud know who's Emily.... and if she's doesnt make it then.. not much people will know who's Emily is.......... :) :) not a game for sure hehehhehe

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