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As I already promised... if Emily ever get born(which is something that's much anticipated), I'll quit smoking... so this is my cigarette counter. I've finished my last cigarette last sunday (May 4th) during lunch time and I still havent bought any since (unless stated otherwise below). So, this is my counter:

Sunday, May 4th: Final cigarette during lunch time. Can't remember how many sticks that I had that day
Monday, May 5th: 1 stick. Rembat Ryan's cigarette while inside his room
Tuesday, May 6th: 0 stick. :) :) :)

I'll be updating this post from time to time :D


8 Responses to Cigarette Counter...........

  1. lsann Says:
    Cheh, dun wanna buy but take Ryan's one..
  2. Radius Says:
    well... since he's asking me to join him... but only 1 that day....
  3. lsann Says:
    Okla, so clever..
  4. Ajoy&Mel Says:
    WTF? You quitting? For real bro? Good luck k? Lemme know the outcome.

    Peace! Usaha tangga kejayaan.

  5. Radius Says:
    aight... we'll see how's the outcome... cheers..... Peace tangga keamanan!!!!
  6. lsann Says:
    He's warm warm chicken shit only la..last time when so in love, he said I'm his motivation to quit, thus won't smoke when in my presence yada yada.. now..?

    This is what happens when ppl wanna mengorat u..after 'diorat', puff with me baby! (die with me baby)
  7. Radius Says:
    ceh.. warm warm chicken shit somemore....we'll see... we'll see
  8. Ajoy&Mel Says:
    hahahahah.... Hatim for sure will keep his words... won't you Hatim? ;-)


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