Raja Petra Asked to Surrender

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Raja Petra had already been asked to attend court today and will be charged under Sedition Act. For whoever believe in freedom of speech are welcome to donate RM1 to this account below:

ONE RINGGIT ONE PERSON" RPK's court bail donation can be deposit into this account:

Bank: CIMB

Account No.: 14300214334050

Account Name Holder: Visvalinjam

When I say believe in freedom of speech.. I mean freedom of speech so if you are from UMNO so don't bother donating. The pledge can be read here. Even though they are asking RM 1 per person, I believe we all can do better for our freedom. :-)

Support freedom and ban ISA!!!

Update on donation:
By 4PM today (6th May), amount RM 24,500 had been transfered to Raja Petra and USD 3,283.61 through PayPal. Just for few hours hehehehhehehee. Raja Petra only needs RM 5,000 to be bailed out and he doesnt event wanna be bailed. Look like he's gonna end up at Sungai Buloh. You can read the latest update here


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  1. lsann Says:
    You all can do better too to help eradicate poverty in this country, instead of those who get into trouble by their own actions. Help those who work 3 jobs and have no time to date their bfs by donating to this account:

    Account no: ..
    Account name holder: Lee Sue Ann

    Seriously, if everyone donated 1 buck, there are a lot of people here and around the world who would benefit better from it.Peace
  2. Ajoy&Mel Says:
    Can donate 1 Ringgit oso to me ah? I need a PS3 maaa...

    Bank: Maybank
    Acc No: 162263110xxx
    Name: Hazrul @ Ajoy

    I need PS3!!!

  3. Radius Says:
    Huh.. sumer ndak kena donate.. pecita..... :p :p kalo gitu... aku pun ndak jugak eh

    Bank: Bank Hatim
    Acc No: Dalam wallet
    Name: Timmy Tim

    I need to take care of Emily after this!!!!
  4. lsann Says:
    Emily hasn't been born yet la!
  5. Radius Says:
    hasnt been born but.. well.. u know... the more the money.. the better :D

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