How could you just don't love RX8.................

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It comes... with RX3...... RX6... RX7... and now RX8.......... even though RX8 is a non turbo machine (thanks GOD!!! even right now i have problem paying fuel for her) and people either put an aftermarket turbo and supercharged it... it just a sweet car which handles well on the road.... ahhhhhhhhhhh......................

It makes my eyes teary......................... Emily.... no i dun regret spending fuel on you hahahahhahahha

I dun really feel like posting the pic of my car here but you call can view the pic of the car from

  1. This link that's from Princess's blog
  2. And this link from Ajoy&Mel's blog
Timmy Tim

11 Responses to How could you just don't love RX8.................

  1. nagakeciks Says:
    Alhamdulillah...Congratz timmy... RX8 dah ko ek...Takpe , nanti sampai delivery EVO 9 aku ... kite saing same2, race dari phoenix ke leisure mall :p
  2. man Says:
    hooo emily ni rx8 rupenyer...ingatkan anak angkat dari cool...aku pon tgh tunggu audi r8 aku ni, tak sampai2..ahhaha congrats laa bro..
  3. ab Says:
    wah jeles nye aku, eh nanti 20/5 nnt bawak lah aku dan super aku naik keta baru ko makan kat restoran korea, bagus tak plan. ;)
  4. Radius Says:
    Tenkiu dude.... okie.. Evo9 ngko sampai nanti kita berembat sesama. Apa kelas dari Phoeniz ke Leisure Mall.... lets do from Balakong to Kajang through Kajang Silk la... baru ngancam hahahahhaha

    Tenkiu bro... im waiting for your R8 as well.... :) :) VW R32 is hot if u wanna consider as well :D :D

    Hehehhe kita tengok dulu brader... aku tengah sengkek skarang lepas angkat RX8 nih.... :D :D

    Tenkiu semua.... :) :)
  5. Ajoy&Mel Says:
    Perggghh Tim! Thank you for the experience you gave last Saturday. My first time ever driving an RX8, a rotary legend. Drove it for a good half an hour with you, Sue and my wife. About to cream myself while doing 8000 rpm at 2nd gear. Next time, I know what to do when approaching a bump on the road... :) Need to loose weight if I ever get in your car again.

    Suicide door is... suicide! Need to work on that Japanese characters for your Sat Nav and DVD player Tim! Let me know if you got that worked out. I have lots of DVDs if you wanna test it again. :P

    Giler aaa TIM!!! RX8!!! Corner melekat! Take it easy bro!

  6. Radius Says:
    Hahhahah cool bro... cheers
  7. Anonymous Says:
    giler abes..

    erk! camne nk bukak pintu tu?
  8. Radius Says:
    Hahhaha cheers bro :)

    camner ndak bukak pintu? ndak kena offkan alarm dulu. Once alarm dah off, then keter unlocks automatically. Once unlocked, tarik pemegang pintu keter tuh ke atas and pull the car door towards you :D :D :D
  9. lsann Says:
    Ya lo, on the first day, baby couldn't open the door. Tried to a few times but still can't. Not dumb but Timmy locked it from inside already. Locked me out and make me seem dumb that I can't open a high tech door =D
  10. Radius Says:
    Hey... that was an unintentionally error... i thought that it was unlocked... gosh!!! bwahahhahahahha
  11. lsann Says:
    So Timmy doesn't know how to operate a suicide door as well =D =D Nvm, we will all learn!

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