Long but fast weekend :D

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Promised to go pak thor with Princess but Emily was complaining. It was all started on Friday night when I go and meet up the guys of RX8 club Malaysia for TT. The session was at SS14 PJ and roughly 17 cars were there. The session was informative and managed to make lots of new friends and they helped me a lot with Emily. On the way back home around 1:30 I realized something was not right, I was chasing James and Ken on Federal heading to Cheras when suddenly my temperature was a bit higher from where its supposed to be and my throttle response was slower. I was like SHITTTTEEEE.... this is not good at all!!

Then on Saturday morning, SMSed Princess telling her that I most likely wun be meeting her on that day then I head out to Sunway. To the suggested place to check Emily called ST Wangan.

I arrived before they even open it.

By midday, ST Wangan was full with RX8s.

I asked them to give Emily a full check, normal service, transmission oil flushing and engine compression test. While waiting for the work to be done, Hafiz arrived with his blue RX8. He's known as 1 hell of a RX8 driver. He told me that he wanna modify his exhaust so, rather than waiting there at Wangan for my car to be done, he invited me to follow him to the exhaust shop. I followed him to an exhaust shop just behind Wangan and we chatted while waiting to get his exhaust done. After the exhaust is done, then he invited me to join him for a 'test run'. Well, a 'test run' from a guy that is known as a crazy driver in the club is not for a faint hearted. We spent almost 15 minutes doing burnouts, drifting and donuts at Sunway and I tell you, this guy is crazy. He can just stop in the middle of the road, do donuts and all other cars have to stop and once he's done then other cars can use the road. One hell of a crazy guy.

After the 'test run' we head back to Wangan and met few guys there like Effie and Hans. My car was on the final stage where the compression test is being done. I watched patiently while waiting for the compression test to finish. This is the most critical moment in every Rotary owner as the test would tell how hard the car had been driven before. If the test is lower than 6 points then engine rebuilt is needed (which is common for Rotary. Rotary owner rebuild their engine between 70k to 100K mileage). By failing to rebuild the engine, the engine WILL (not might) blown up anytime soon and it will cost a lot more to rebuild it once blown. The cost of rebuilding a 13B on RX8 is around RM 10K to RM 20K depending on damage and parts that need to be changed.

My compression test end up positive. Thank God. Both of my rotors was running between 8.6 to 9.2 which is very good considering the age of the car. Even recon cars that my friends posted on the site is doing under 9 and my car managed to get above 9. Cool!!. Anyway the conclusion of Emily is that, previous owner was not a car enthusiasts thus he/she didnt take care of the car properly but the good thing was that he/she didnt throttle the car thus leaving my Emily's engine in a good shape. I'm happy :D :D

The whole service and test was costing me more than RM1K but due to the club membership (Thanks RX8 club Malaysia!!!!), we are entitled for discount at Wangan and somehow I got lots of discount for being a member of RX8 club Malaysia and a first time customer to Wangan. Cool!!!!. I end up paying almost 700 bucks for the whole lot.

Greddy F3 Rotary Engine Oil. Costly.......... almost 300 bucks per can and then have to be matched with GReddy Oil Filter... urgh.......

Arrived home by early evening..... tired.

Woke up early with just one thing in my mind. AFOS!!!! Met Ken at McDonalds Taman Connaught at 8:20 and from there we head off to USJ R&R at Elite Highway to catch up with the rest of the club members.

Meeting up at Caltex USJ R&R on Elite Highway

Me, Ken and Jason (think so :p)

Gossiping whose car is faster before adjourn to Sepang

The petrol station

By 9:30 we all starts moving towards Sepang F1 track

Under heavy rains

Arrived in Sepang F1 track and waiting for our position

The queuing to get in was long............. :(

Were given sticker to attach to our windscreen so that we will be allowed to get in with our cars

Sits nicely above my RX8 club sticker :D :D


We left Sepang about 5PM and head to Taipan USJ for a drink. The drive to USJ was crazy with lots of drags and races happened along the way. After USJ, me and Ken head back home to Cheras. Oh yeah by the way, Ken lives in Alam Damai :D :D

Monday was another busy day for me and my Princess where we end up in Genting together. Was pushing up Emily's limit by climbing Genting and was chasing a Wira and a Nissan during the climbing until their car couldnt go anymore (upon seing those steep climbs) and then my Emily just drive nicely leaving those cars at the back. Hahahhahahhahahah

Hope you had a nice weekend as I was. Drive safely!!

Before i forget... a picture of 'Leng Lui' :D :D :D

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  1. AhJoy Says:
    Huuaaa.... Huuaaaaa!!!! Huaaaaa!!!! I am crying all the way bro reading your blog. :( I had a nice weekend too but not as nice as yours! TT session? Workshop? Sepang? Huaaaa!!!

    Go drink at USJ Taipan don't want to stop by at Aroma Tropika ah? So sad la bro...

    But anyways, I am happy for you la my man. Wish I have the bling bling and the appropriate weight to own one. :) Pergghh!!! Giler babss la Tim! Wa caya laaa!!! Peace!

  2. Radius Says:
    thanks bro.. yeah.. it was a well spent time.

    Not that i dun wanna stop at Aroma Tropika, but i was tired already from spending the whole day at Sepang and was so hot!!. After the drink we decided to head back home straight.

    Hey, whats about that Gen2? there's lots of car clubs that you can join discuss if u have time. Think there's campro club and Gen2 club that day if i'm not mistaken. You just need to join them and then... follow them to TT or gathering :D :D
  3. AhJoy Says:
    Gen2 club?! Ouch!!! I think I am going to run to my mama... Maaamaaaa!!! :( :((


    Gen2 not for racing la bro. Gen2 is just a family car to go to work and go to Hero to buy sayur and balik kampung oso. Not forgetting to send Isabelle to vet. Cannot park near the grand stand at Sepang maa during AFOS. :D

    Put more pics if you have em Tim. Peace!

  4. Radius Says:
    Hey... there were VIVA club called VIVAC parked in front of us that day. All standard VIVA with stickers all around their body............ :D :D and Gen2 were there as well with their club. Most of the modifications were done on the interior and exterior and not much done to the engine. But still, VIVA and MyVi club were there as stock as they were nearby the grand stand :D :D
  5. Radius Says:
    Okie... i'll upload more pics after this... :D :D :D
  6. Anonymous Says:
  7. Radius Says:
    AhjJoy bunyi Huaa... huaa... hua.. ngko bunyik waaaaaaaa... eh TZ?
  8. Anonymous Says:
    hehehehhee.. myvi leh wat donuts x?
  9. AhJoy Says:
    Myvi boleh buat donut tapi kena bagi AhJoy buat. Pastu nanti TZ pulak yang huaaa.... huaaaaaa....

    Tim... update ur blog Tim... More on Emily!!!

    Man Penang advised you to go to Penang then to Hatyai (1 hour drive from Penang with Emily)... No speed limit in Hatyai... ;)

  10. Radius Says:
    TZ: boleh............. salut ngan tepung... pastuh goreng and then lumur ngan gula hahahhahha

    Ahjoy: takde citer are bro.... biasa jerk
  11. Anonymous Says:
    hahahhahaha... ahjoy go first and me.. follow the leader! yeah!

    alaaahh paklong.. donut tu tak mo laaa.. paklong..kopok ade neh.. bile free.. nak kasik kopok..
  12. Radius Says:
    alright... tenkiu TZ.. nanti sabtu nih Pak Long gi amik kat rumah ngko... Tenkiu again...

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