It has been a while...

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It has been a while since my last post. Life had been hectic with projects and such. Too tired to pen down even few lines of updates to this blog. So, somehow this post got written somewhere between the project deadlines and smoking session :D

As we all had known, recent price hike to fuel price was too high to absorb by ordinary people like us. I still couldnt make up my mind as which side should I support, should I support the price hike or shouldnt i? The pros of supporting the price hike is that our nation would be freer than before that we won't be too dependent to government subsidy.

The reason that we feel the after shock so much is because we are just too dependent to the subsidies and almost all important commodities in Malaysia are subsidized those created a nation that's too dependent on government. Cooking oils, flours and rice to name a few that are currently being subsidized by government and somehow people couldnt live without the subsidies. By the end, government has to fork up lots of money each time the price of commodities rise till the its not bearable to government to pay for it anymore. All these money that saved from subsidies can be used for development those without realizing, Malaysians are actually sharing their wealth with their brothers and sisters in making this country the one to live at.

On the other hand, we are among the few countries who are producing oils. We dig our own oil, process it ourself but we somehow couldnt sell it to a cheaper price to our own rakyat. Its somehow ridiculous that we have to sell our own fuel to our own people using international price. I can't think of anything else than profit making. So, Petronas who was previously founded to help rakyat are now turned into a profit making company. Right now Malaysians and foreigners are the same to Petronas eyes. Everybody have to pay full price for petrol even though the oil dig is coming from Malaysia. Not that it's coming from Sudan or Indonesia. But, it's from Malaysia to Malaysian yet we are treated as foreigners. Another thing that I found amusing is that how government is trying to compare it other neighboring countries. Singaporean is paying more than RM 5 bucks per liter and we are still paying RM 2.7. So, our fuel is actually cheaper for our own rakyat compared to Singaporean. Whoever agree to this shit is actually damn stupid. You must had cheated in all of your exams in schools. Yes, Singaporean do actually pay more than RM 5 per liter of fuel but why?

  1. They don't have oil so that they have to buy them from international market
  2. Their buying power / currency is stronger than us thus making RM 5 bucks / SG 2 is nothing much to them. We have to compare the average mid income earners and their food basket. Like how many percent of your salary are end up paying for food for family and fuel? 80%? 70%? Their food basket and fuel is costing around 50% from their salary while ours is currently hitting 80% which is very high.
  3. Their public transportation system is better than us. Our Rapid KL / Rapid Penang sucks big time. One more thing that you don't know, Rapid KL and Rapid Penang are belong to Khazanah and actually we are the one who are financing its business. Rapid KL has more than 1000 buses which are currently not moving but yet they are still buying buses from distributor. Do you know who distributes buses to Rapid KL / Penang? Yeah, thats right... Scomi. Read here to know more about this crazy deal between Pak Lah and his family member to steal rakyat's hard earn money. Seriously, if this is right... I'LL PEE ON YOUR GRAVE AFTER YOU DIE!!!
I believe in couple of months, rakyat will get used to everything around us that hikes due to fuel price hike and we'll just fit back to our life as before by adjusting our salary to the price of our food basket and etc.

I still dunno either to oppose or support the fuel price hike. It's supposed to help Malaysians to make them stronger facing this life and eases government burden and more money for rakyat for development but we end up with making Pak Lah's family richer. I still havent fueled up my cars since the price hike. I've been told that Emily roughly gonna cost me around RM 140 per tank with 97 octane or Rm 170 per tank on 100 octane (V Power) while Siti was previously costing around RM 60 per fill up those i think gonna go up around RM 80 bucks.

By the end, I still have my dearest Mom, my most loving Princess, friends who supports, assholes who annoys and government who fucks its own nation. All the best to all Malaysians who suffer.

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  1. lsann Says:
    If u do a background check on who owns this big company and who owns that big company, eventually all ends up to 1 person. And all these people who are so rich (made rich by us) still need to go for holidays both overseas and local using the rakyat's money.
  2. Mahamarah Says:
    It is interesting to note that Dr Mahathir is once again throwing stones from his glass house. In this particular issue I have a few points to make;

    1. RapidKL is owned by Syarikat Prasarana Nasional Berhad (SPNB).
    2. Most contracts given by them is awarded by open tender.
    3. In the case of supply of buses for RapidKL and Rapid Penang buses are purchased through open tender.
    4. In 1995, SPNB put out a tender for 1200 buses (please check who was PM then).
    5. Out of the 1200, Mtrans was awarded 160 buses, at that time Mahathir’s son-in-law was the CEO of Mtrans, and Scomi was not yet in the picture. This was in 2005.
    6. Scomi only bought into Mtrans in 2006 when Mtrans got into financial trouble, after this Mtrans supplied 120 busses.
    7. In Penang, Rapid Penang put out a tender for 150 buses, Scomi was only one of five companies awarded a contract to supply 70 buses. (Pls find out who the rest are).
    8. Why does Mahathir not also reveal the role his son-in-law played in Mtrans as CEO of the company.
    9. Why did Mahathir give them the monopoly of monorails in Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya when his son in law was CEO of the company and when Mahathir was PM.
    10. Why did he as PM authorize a bail out to a company where his son in law was the CEO and where he knew they could not successfully carry out the monorail project.

    ( All facts are contained in SCOMI annual report submitted to Bursa Saham).

  3. onuor abraham Says:
    TDM forgot about what he has done. just keep pointing finger to others
  4. Radius Says:
    Well.. typical UMNO. Where did AB learn all these bad things if not from TDM himself. I bet that if Anwar is still with UMNO and he wasnt sacked, he would be no better than AB if he's a PM. So, what choice do we have? By the end, most politicians are working for the cronies and families instead for rakyat. Living on rakyat's money like their own, treating GLC's bank accounts and positions (read as Petronas) as it belongs to party. Last but not least, the opposition shud not work with the ruling party in either state or government thus resulting the stories of MCAs members are being asked to quit party because they are working for the state that are currently being managed by DAP and PKR. Those human being are trying to serve rakyat and yet being called traitor. Probably UMNO shud start their own country and everybody inside there must only support UMNO and they are allowed to bribe each other as way of life. Well, think they can take most of police in Malaysia with them cause Malaysian is a multicultural country and rakyat hates bribery and cronyism.
  5. ab Says:
    Godspeed bro
  6. man Says:
    cool stuff matey..i can feel the heat from here..far out make me think to live in kelantan forever and kayuh beskal/beca to work..atleast ppl is happy out there..
  7. Radius Says:
    Godspeed? Ngko citer apa?

    Aku tak kisah duk Kelatan as long as I have my salary and driving my Emily everyday :D :D

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