And today....

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I chatted with Matt in the morning..... here are some of the excerpt of the conversation

Matt says:
k dude, its a start up back in Oz, [Project Description] with [Client]. First country and then into the rest of asia except China
Matt says:
it doesn't mean going back to Oz. this time we are all online
Matt says:
but its gonna need integration into SMSC's etc in the region. You can work from KL if you want
Master Roshi says:
SMSC? i have no problem with that...... actually i dun mind working with it at all
Matt says:
yep ok cool. This is the plan. Secure licence (90% there) and then get $/partner with someone back in Oz., quite possibly [Matt's friend] in Mel
Master Roshi says:
Master Roshi says:
programming work in KL?
Matt says:
......its gonna be afterhours dude, but I need your input
Master Roshi says:
afterhours? what do u mean?
Matt says:
Matt says:
in the evening. or in your free time
Master Roshi says:
will system be based in OZ? or china? or somewhere else?
Matt says:

uhm.............. I miss Australia..... either Brisbane or Melbourne... its such a beautiful place. I wanna head back there if there's opportunity and if this time I end up in OZ again... it would be 2 people there instead of 1. Well, I need someone to hug me..... don't you?

:D :D :D

Anyway it's still on the development process... and no money for me yet.... but.... it's still cool :D

8 Responses to And today....

  1. -Azman Mashor- Says:
    oit..meh turun Bne aa..programing language kat msia gune bahasa melayu, ozi gune english ozay...lain beb...
  2. Radius Says:
    BNE boringlah... ada ngko.... aku ndak turun melben arrr... jauh sket dari ngko... :D :D
  3. ab Says:
    yep Melbourne, pasti tak salah
  4. Radius Says:
    but gemuk... sydney ada Jane :D :D ngko takleh sbb ndak kawen dah hahahhahaha
  5. -Azman Mashor- Says:
    Melb tade kari sedap cam bne...tak caye tanye aa alim...
    halim -weh nak kawen dah?bile beb aku nak mintak cuti nih..
  6. ab Says:
    yelah tu aku dah nak kawen, meminang pun belum, jgn panik keadaan nnt ada org balik malaysia tapi takde kenduri.

    tapi man aku rasa kari kepala ikan kat restoran kari kepala ikan kg pandan kat kg baru lg best.
  7. -Azman Mashor- Says:
    Alim, idea bernas : kenduri kat restoran kari kepala ikan kat kg baru tu...amcam? bley aa bini ko suapkan kepala ikan kat ko..manja2 camtu ye tak?
  8. Radius Says:
    hahahhaha aku dah lama dah tak makan kari pala ikan nih.... turun sini gemuk kita gi makan kari pala ikan :D :D

    Halim memang gitu... romantik... awek dia selalu geletek pusat dia guna tulang ikan...

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