My Princess Birthday

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My last saturday, 1st december to be exact. I took my princess out for dinner to celebrate her birthday. I was trying to do something different actually, was trying to take her to east coast for holiday cum celebrating her birthday but due to unavoidable circumstances, I decided to celebrate her birthday in KL instead. My main choice was the revolving restaurant at Menara Kuala Lumpur but because of late plan, I couldnt get the table reserved and made me to switch to plan B and that was, Revolving Bintang Restaurant. We arrived there about 7:30, order our dinner, chat, eat, stare, taking pictures, being jiwang and the whole yada yada. It was a nice spent evening and being with someone that you love. Happy Birthday Baby. May all of your wishes come true. Love you.

Instead of being jiwang the whole night, we end up taking up pictures from our table. My princess was checking her phone for the pictures she has taken. Click here for more pictures from my princess blog.

Well, our dessert. Chocolate mousse. Not as perfect as i've tasted before, this one was kinda hard. Did they exchange white egg with flour instead?

KL Tower view from our tower :) No baby, my phone is no better than yours at snapping night pictures.

The "jagung" view from our tower. As significant as it should be. :)

Some juction at Bukit Bintang jam packed with cars. Sorry, the picture is not really that clear.

Well nice spent evening being with my princess. Glad that she likes her present and the night. Happy birthday again princess.


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