I'm bored...

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I'm bored and missing my princess. She's gone MIA while i'm publishing this post. So, I decided to post several links that you can download songs from. The easiest way of downloading these songs are by using freedownload manager software but, im just too lazy to give you guys the link of it so, here are your links. Use it while its accessible!! :D

http://mantoi.selfip.net/mantoi/Lagu/ <= Malay songs, Hindustan, Indonesian and English.
Seriously there are GIGS of songs here updated ALMOST EVERYDAY. Feel free to browse around. It will keep you guys in front of your computer for a while.

I'll update this post if i find anything interesting to add. Now, im missing my princess :(


4 Responses to I'm bored...

  1. ab Says:
  2. lsann Says:
    Phone ran out of battery at Giant, dear.. =) not my colleague's birthday party.
  3. Radius Says:
    Gemuk: Ngko jeles pehal?

    Baby: Yeah.. i guess i forgot about it but hey... u were still MIA that day :D
  4. Anonymous Says:
    olo3...ciannye dia...

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